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  1. I think they do look at ECs pre-interview but that the casper+gpa make up the "academic excellence" part. whereas before casper, it was JUST gpa +ecs i could be wrong though
  2. I know that UOttawa only looks at undergraduate marks and that each year they set a conditional GPA that all applicants must maintain in order to gain acceptance. Does does this work for a course based masters-do they set a specific GPA requirement for masters applicants as well? Thanks
  3. INVITE!! i cant believe it I'm so happy! Date Stamp: 24 Jan Location: OOO, IP Stream: English wGPA: 3.95 Current year: Masters ECs: well rounded i think? Research, pubs, volunteering, leadership in clubs, some conferences,etc Casper: I prepared extensively and overall thought it went well. Some answers were longer than others because of time issues.
  4. would any of you who got an interview mind sharing your stats ?
  5. Are you guys basing the 507/128+ in 2/4 sections off last years posts or is this actually confirmed?
  6. Is that what they told you on the phone?
  7. Personally, while a 3.92 can seem low compared to what is seen here on premed101, I know of quite a few people who have gotten interviews with gpa around 3.92. Just try your best with the sketch and try to make it sound well balanced, do well on casper, and you have a shot
  8. Hey everyone, I was wondering whether it would be helpful to put "Fluent in Spanish and Knowledge of Culture"in my ABS? I am fluent in Spanish and have travelled to Spain many summers and been very involved in the Spanish community. Included in my description is that I have taught Spanish school for a year and a member of my Spanish church. Thank you!
  9. Thank you for your replies. I agree it is a long shot. I guess I will need to rewrite the MCAT to boost up my CARS
  10. Hey everyone, I was wondering whether it is worth applying to McMaster with a 3.65 gpa and a 124 CARS? I know these stats are not great at all, but the reason why I'm asking is because on the previous "McMaster Interview Invite/Regrets" page, I saw posts that applicants received an interview with 3.27 gpa and 128 CARS or 3.3 gpa. I was wondering does a lower verbal/CARS score effect an applicant more negatively than lower gpa? Thank you!
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