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  1. I appreciate the feedback! I'm thinking twice about taking PSYC with Herbert. Why does Ratemyprof make her sound like a godsend? I want to lessen the workload to ensure I do well in my core courses. I'm starting to have second doubts about some courses, and I'm not sure I'm doing it for the best reasons: Is it a good idea to take PHYS 1420 to prep me for the MCAT? It is not an easy course by any means, and I expect the workload to be more Calculus. I also don't want to rule out any professional and medical schools that might require it. On a similar note, KINE 2011 and KINE 3012 made my shortlist to keep the doors open for Dentistry. Would taking NATS courses (in astronomy) be a bad idea? Taking interesting and easier first year courses would mean more time to dedicate toward my core courses, as long as I maintain a 60/40 split. The downside is that it does not fulfill my degree requirements like a PSYCH or ECON course would.It would probably be a better idea to save Abnormal Psych 3140 for 3rd or 4th year.
  2. Hi y'all! Picking courses for 2nd year is a headache. I'm missing a course for Winter, and I'm currently taking BIOL 2070 this summer. I've selected the following courses so far: Fall 2017 BIOL 2020 - Terry Kubieski CHEM 2020 - PHYS 1420 - Matthew George (playing catch up, should've taken this in first year) PSYCH 2021 - Monique Herbert (substitute for BIOL 2060 (J Shore), not 100% sure this is the right decision, might take this in the Winter) [...] Winter 2017 BIOL 2021 - Dr. Pat CHEM 2021 - Hovig PHYS 1420 - Matthew George (con't) [...] [...] Currently TBD: EN 1102 6.0 (Lit and Health) - Elena Basile (No idea who this is) or EN 1201 - Literary Imagination KINE 2011 Fall (Enrollment doesn't open for Biology majors until July) Considering Animals BIOL 2070 to unlock upper-year courses, but it conflicts with my Physics. I would've taken Genetics BIOL 2040 if it didn't conflict with my Physics or Animals. Was denied taking SOCI1010 for having too many transfer credits.
  3. This question has been kind of beaten to death (from what I've tried to find), but I'm curious to know what might be a good idea to use my time in the summer? I initially wanted to work as a lab unpaid intern at a prof's lab (probably a research practicum) and take Physics concurrently? So here were some ideas I had: 1. Unpaid research lab grunt at York + Physics (specifically PHYS 1410 according to the timetable that just came out) 2. Start applying now and hope that I have a research position downtown 3. Take the summer off and study for MCAT 4. Get a job (dad's advice) Ideally, I would want to get some research experience for my ECs and also prep for the MCAT by taking Physics. I've heard of really scary stories about PHYS 1410 at York, and perhaps taking PHYS 1420 would be a better idea during 2nd year. Note that I'm a mature student, so I haven't taken physics in at least 10 years.
  4. Managed to pull an A+ out of my ass in computers. However I'm more concerned about my non A+ marks. Having an A sucks and basically means I'm not competitive enough to get into Med School
  5. If you have any suggestions in addition to what I've done so far, I'm open to them.
  6. Is there anyone taking EECS1520? The course got reconditioned this year. Our section professors and students are waiting on the course director, who turned out to be a new to the position, to release the last two assignments worth 7%. These assignments rely on online instructional videos that also haven't been released, and have been tested on all of our tests. With two weeks before classes end and finals start, I'm really worried for these components and also the finals coming up. As for the final, a lot of people are thinking about dropping the course in my section. Getting an A+ will require me acing the final, which is unrealistic. Historically speaking ,what worries me even more is that after the first two tests, classmates in my section have been underperforming compared to the rest of the class (no solid numbers, except that our course has a 50 average whereas the other courses had the mean at 65, either through flat mark bumps, etc.). From what I understand, the final will have be to be agreed upon by all the professors-- which throws into question if there is sufficient time to address each class' content taught so that we as students can be caught up with any differences and not answer incorrectly on the final just because our professor taught it a different way. At this point, I'm considering to drop the course too. No sample tests, no extra practice questions, past tests have only a small fraction of the material that was kept from prior iterations of the course (i..e no gates, excel was watered down). In no way did treat this as a bird course. I've missed no lectures, attended all of the optional tutorials (Q&A sessions on an individual basis), I've pulled old EECS 1520 test I could find, sought the professor after class for brief questions, and actively participated in class to reinforce the concepts taught and to pick his brain with what could be asked and what would be beyond the scope of the course. Sorry for the long winded rant. End /r Tl;dr Inconsistency between classes in performance and content, finals are approaching. The though of acing the final is terrifying and also unrealistic. Is there anything I should consider doing at this point? Talking to the professor and course coordinator during their office hours?
  7. I'm currently in Bio. I could take 1505, but opt not to given that they are not allowed as pre-reqs to Pharmacy at UT and Optometry at UWaterloo. I don't understand what it means to be "York'd"?
  8. Hi all York Lions! I'm entering my first year of York sciences, having transferred from another school and entirely different faculty. I'm wondering what courses I should take as electives for my first year. I currently have Fall BIOL 1000 CHEM 1000 PHYS 1420 PSYC 1010 MATH 1013 Winter BIOL 1001 CHEM 1001 PHYS 1420 PSYC 1010 MATH 1014 I spoke with a SAS advisor who suggested that I take PHYS 1420 in the summer, and take my two courses (6 creds) of Social Sciences and Humanities instead. I also have transfer credits for Calc 1 and 2 (Math 1013/1014), from courses I took another institution-- they were not 4.0 high. Do you agree with what the advisor suggested in taking the PHYS in summer? Should I also take the transfer credits for MATH 1013 & 1014? If so, what social science and humanities courses would you recommend?
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