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  1. Declined in favor of UofC today. Was on waitlist last year, so I guess I can relate to the anxiety. Good luck guys:)
  2. Accepted cGPA: 3.65 MCAT 126 CARS IP Extra-curriculars: UofA: 12/17, UBC (last year): 35, so think I am slightly above average. Interview: Felt very confident afterward, but as time goes by, self-doubt prevailed. Think I have at least 2 stations I didn't do so well, completely missed the point of one station and realized that only when the interviewer asked the first prompt. Tried to squeeze everything into 1 min left. Take home message: leave time for prompt questions at UofC. If you didn't do so well on all stations, don't worry, nobody does! Best luck everyone, I am thrilled!
  3. pass here, but still got rejection. But I might have been redflagged due to an inappropriate joke...so I could be an outlier.
  4. Regrets IP GPA: 3.65 PA: 12/17 MCAT: 127.50 Interview: Pass Think I got red flagged by the interviewer because of an inappropriate joke/compliment. (not real me, I never do that in real life). Oh well, life needs to move on!
  5. No kidding, I am in Montreal now, and everyone I practiced MMI with (McGill applicants) got in!!! I am thrilled for them however at the mean time that makes me so anxious...
  6. interview invites are out. Result: Invite Time Stamp: Jan 24 - 2:44pm MST Interview Date: wGPA: 3.7 Year: masters MCAT: 510 ECs: probably above average, got a 34/50 from UBC last year. Essays: filled all top 10. edited more than 10 times. Geography : IP
  7. same here... happy to know I am not the only one....hope it is just a glitch they can fix soon. Good luck!
  8. Hi there, I am a non-traditional applicant who is really struggling to put together his Top 10 experiences (partially because English is my second language). U Calgary is my dream school so I really would like to put my best effort into this. Can anyone kindly help review my top 10? preferably who has gone through this process and have a good understanding of the requirements. Thank you very much. Thanks again. Please PM me. S
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