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  1. Debating between being proactive & preparing for the next cycle in the case things don't work out, and being here and checking all the WL threads 24/7. Will probably go with the latter plan
  2. I've had 2 contacted, which is what I'm pretty sure they always do
  3. Did somebody mention that during the presentation? I don't really remember hearing or reading anything about the # of OOP interviewees
  4. DNM

    Bad interview

    Idk if that's going to make anyone feel better, but I don't think that having the impression that you've aced the interview is a good thing. As an interviewee you don't really know how clear and relevant your responses were. I'd think that most people are speculating about the quality of their answers based on the panel reaction, which probably doesn't mean all that much.
  5. You would've had sakatchewan this year. Manitoba could've been possible as well. I don't think you'd get top US schools with these ECs. Typically people who do well in the states, also get invites from extracurricular heavy schools in Canada.
  6. When I interviewed there last year, I vaguely remember them reminding people who missed that deadline to submit asap. I might be wrong, but it didn't seem like the timing is all that strict.
  7. I'm quite above the previous years' cut offs and I haven't heard from my verifiers, although I wouldn't expect most of them to reach out to me if they were to get contacted. I am semi tempted to get in touch with them to ensure they don't miss some sort of deadline. Curious to know how much time the verifiers were given to respond and how extensive the response form is.
  8. DNM

    Interview Invites 2018/2019

    They are probably using the same algorithm as they've done with post interview composite score. In order to be considered for admission you need to pass the interview/casper, which entails not being below x number of SDs from the mean (I think it was 2 for the interview), and if you do pass, you get ranked along with other applicants. So most people who got rejected didn't get high enough composite score, but some get weeded out prior to that point if their casper/interview score is too low.
  9. DNM

    Interview Invites 2018/2019

    It's all send at the same time, it's just that the date on the portal (late december) doesn't match the date when these decisions are actually released (early jan)
  10. I don't see what difference that makes since there's no cut off. I have a feeling 0.04 gpa won't make or break your app
  11. It'll count. It's just an inefficient way of making yourself more competitive. You'll get like a 0.04 boost of cgpa for a year worth of A+s. 1 casper prompt could probably offset that.
  12. After opening via Google Drive I see it. Yeah, looks like the note doesn't mean anything.
  13. This is interesting. Was that note a comment inside the pdf? I don't seem to have it. Wonder if this has anything to do with how close an applicant is to the expected MCAT cut offs.
  14. His GPA might be favored by AMCAS grade conversion. Might have an ok shot at USMD. I wouldn't retake the MCAT since you're not trying to meet a specific cut off. Going from 514 to lets say 519 isn't gonna do anything for you Canada-wise, and will only help you marginally for the states since it seems that they look at all of the attempts. I'd consider special year for UWO, which is actually what i'm doing myself.