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  1. After opening via Google Drive I see it. Yeah, looks like the note doesn't mean anything.
  2. This is interesting. Was that note a comment inside the pdf? I don't seem to have it. Wonder if this has anything to do with how close an applicant is to the expected MCAT cut offs.
  3. His GPA might be favored by AMCAS grade conversion. Might have an ok shot at USMD. I wouldn't retake the MCAT since you're not trying to meet a specific cut off. Going from 514 to lets say 519 isn't gonna do anything for you Canada-wise, and will only help you marginally for the states since it seems that they look at all of the attempts. I'd consider special year for UWO, which is actually what i'm doing myself.
  4. Liked my answers for the first 2 questions on most prompts, but got cut off/unable to expand on the third one way too many times. Had only about 4-5 prompts where I gave complete, well developed answers for all questions.
  5. DNM

    ABS format

    you can use chrome or any browser to open pdfs
  6. DNM

    ABS format

    What did you use to edit your essays? When I entered that stuff in Chrome it would adjust the font to fit the text box.
  7. Western is out, so is queens most likely. You could apply to Mac, but the odds are low. I'd wait for next cycle and deal with mcat asap.
  8. It's below their average, but not by a huge margin. I'd apply
  9. their average is slightly below 129. 128 is a very reasonable score to apply with, unless your cGPA is very low.
  10. DNM

    CASPer/Interview/Application prep group

    Down for online prep.
  11. I wouldnt count on anything coming out this week
  12. May be they have tough time dealing with pre II casper
  13. TIME STAMP: Result: Reject wGPA: 3.91 MCAT: 527 ECs: Some research, some volunteering, checked all the boxes but not that special Year: finished UG IP/OOP/International: OOP Letter of EC: No Not surprised, GPA could've been higher and i think i really blew it on my CASPER cause no mac II