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  1. Accepted timestamp 3:25 ET, 12:29 PT I'm an OOP applicant. Good luck guys!! I may accept elsewhere.
  2. Anyone else wondering why they haven't received an email yet?
  3. Hello, I am Mac Health Sci graduate. Happy to share my thoughts on the program Having completed a research-based MSc in 9 months, I am confident in saying that the program is not easier in any way. I took organic chemistry and found that to be much easier than our second-year anatomy classes. I've taken plenty of life sci courses and had friends in life sci- we compared notes all the time and neither was any easier. It gets this rep as many students in Health Sci are exceptionally bright. I myself was never one of these students who could memorize a page at a glance, but trust me, they exist. It makes the courses seem much easier if you already have an accelerated rate of learning. Expectations are also higher. Your application will be read and evaluated by 4th year health sciences students. Like my peers, I have assessed these personal essays. We are looking for traits that are compatible with the program, and of course, creativity. If you have any questions feel free to inbox me Edit: I guess I also wanted to say that the program is by no means perfect. If you do not like group work, it is definitely not for you. Picture 4 strong horses pulling in 4 different directions and you get an idea of what it's like. Ehh I'm reading a lot of these posts and there's a lot of points I disagree with but that's fine
  4. Did this route and was just accepted into Ottawa. Completing a research based master's in 1 year is doable however if you have graduated and not applied already you have missed the boat for many deadlines and now have limited opportunities. Think international as well.
  5. good luck!
  6. Cross

    Writing station

    I can confirm that you do indeed have to write things (with a pen, no less! I thought those old doo-dads were antiquated in 2017). And don't worry, friend, just write from the heart. Sometimes, the pen is mightier than the scalpel
  7. Cross

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    This is pure speculation, but bilingualism might be seen as somewhat preferable from an admin committee of a program which teaches with both English and French streams. I might suggest calling or emailing the admissions office so you don't surprise them on the interview day. Congrats on your interview!
  8. This past week... as in this week or the week before?
  9. Dang man!!! it's so hard when your friends get off it and you're just hoping... terrible feeling. Anyway see you all in the next round of offers