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  1. I was enrolled in a PharmD program, I completed a term and a half and switched into Medicine. It is possible, don't give up! I interviewed at 2 schools, be prepare to justify your reasoning.
  2. So the class 2020 of McMaster Med got released. Enjoy http://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/docs/default-source/admissions/classof2020.pdf?sfvrsn=2
  3. Right????? I just matriculated to Mac then I read this like..... "well damn."
  4. Result: Accepted Timestamp: 8:27 am cGPA: 3.96 CARS: 128 Casper: Was generally unsure about it. But i also interviewed at Ottawa so I guess couldn't be that bad? Interview: Hard to tell, thought I could've done better in 2-3 stations but I practiced, and generally am confident in my critical thinking skills. Other: IP 3 Year Good luck people on the wait list and i look forward to meeting you all!
  5. Invite Date Stamp: 24/01/2017 @ 3:34 Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 3.95 Current year: 3rd year ECs: PM for details Casper: Didn't know how i did but I got McMaster and Ottawa so I assume i did well? Looking forward
  6. Time stamp: 9:10 AM Invite: Yes GPA: 3.95, BSc student Casper; Wasn't extremely confident CARS: 128 IP 2 1/2 year UG (dm for details)
  7. I called UofT they specifically said it doesn't count. As well as emails from Queens. Most websites state some where that pharmacy school does not count because it is towards a Doctor of Pharmacy designation not a bachelor. I had a friend who applied 3 years ago and said something similar to you, that PharmD does count. I guess they might have changed it?
  8. Hi, thanks robclem21 and epona for responding. I have contacted each of the individual schools and even from their wording on the eligibility page, it usually specifically says university undergraduate level and upon clarification they mean towards bachelors. So PharmD does not qualify even though it is technically an undergraduate professional program. Due to the timing of my entrance into pharmacy, I wasn't able to get 3 years of undergraduate education, only 2.5, except i overloaded all my semesters so i just happened to barely hit the 15 credit requirement. Anyways, I'll just hope for the best this application cycle and see what they say in future cycles. Academic planning so crucial..
  9. Hey so I've been thinking about my application profile and I'm not sure what to think of it. Has anyone in this forum experienced/known of the following situation and can enlighten me about it? So I am currently enrolled in a PharmD pharmacy program. I have completed my MCAT and my GPA is in good standing as well as my extra-curricular. However, I realized upon entering the PharmD program I have only barely completed 15 undergraduate (specifically towards a bachelor degree, as per required by all the Ontario universities) which is inclusive of lab credits. Thus, technically I have not taken my second term of my third year and don't have as many third year credits as most applicants. Since PharmD course credits don't count towards the credit count, i will only have 15 undergraduate course credits from here on out. So here's some questions: -Can anyone comment on transferring to a Med program from a Pharmacy Program prior to completion? If so, how many undergraduate course credits? -Even if i'm eligible for my first application cycle, how about subsequent years i.e. my 4th/5th year in post secondary studies? Will I be eligible even if my credit count has not progressed pass 15? -Is there any separate system or undergraduate professional program (i.e. Law, Dentistry etc) because they're technically not graduate nor undergraduate. -Are things looking grim? Thanks for hearing me out
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