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    Doing a Rewrite

    It always helps hearing that more people are out there with situations like mine than what it seems based on my own circle of friends/network! How are you managing to balance your study time with other commitments? Unfortunately since I've been out of school for a couple of years now, I definitely have needed to brush up on my sciences content. I've spent my first month doing that with TPR and doing all the relevant practice questions, with CARS practice at least 2ish times a week (I'm working about 3 days a week right now). I'm aiming to be done my content review by the end of May, at which time I will be switching into nothing but practice and brushing up on areas of weakness. I recall the first time I wrote, I studied CARS last. I had no experience with the test and no idea what was involved with CARS. I (foolishly) thought that since I considered myself to be a fairly strong reader/writer that I'd be able to learn it quickly. I was wrong. Now I've been practicing from the get go. I've been using TPR's guide towards ranking/ordering, mapping and working passages and questions and have seemed to have begun improving my accuracy. I did my first timed passages today and, while I didn't get everything 100% right, I did pretty well. That being said, I'm nearly done the book and will need to move on to other resources. I'd love to hear some places I could turn to for challenging CARS material to practice with. I've heard some good things about UWorld as well. That price tag is kind of making me hesitate though - I've already blown a lot of money on study material. Thanks for your offer to keep in touch! If you have any suggestions for me I'd love to hear them. I'd likewise like to extend the invitation to PM me if you have any questions yourself.
  2. PopShoppe

    Doing a Rewrite

    @Anaik you're awesome, thanks for the suggestions and the reassurance! I started studying this week and already balancing everything is a bit of a challenge lol. I'm hoping it will get easier as I get more into a rhythm. These are all super helpful. CARS is definitely my priority since that's where I fell short last time. Do you have any suggestions for places I could find some practice material for it? Thanks again!
  3. PopShoppe

    Doing a Rewrite

    Hey everyone, I know there's probably a million posts like mine on this forum so I apologize in advance if any of this sounds redundant or repetitive. So I've recently decided that for my one last kick at the can for medical schools I'll need to rewrite the MCAT. I've done literally everything else I can think of save taking on another Undergrad degree. My scores have expired for the States and I'll need to raise my CARS to meet cutoffs to apply to as many Canadian schools as I can. Unfortunately unlike when I first wrote the test, I have bills to pay and a job to keep. Luckily I've been able to shift to a part-time schedule. I'm planning to write in early August, giving me 4 months to prepare, working around work, a weekend trip for my dad's birthday in early June, and a bachelor party in late May. I'm expecting to work 2.5-3 days a week, and study full time 3 days a week. I plan on self-studying using TPR and other resources (Khan and other free resources). I just wanted some advice/input from you lovely people about resources or strategies/timetables I can draw upon to help schedule my time effectively. Of course there's a number of suggestions out there on the internet of hours/day, number of days or months needed etc. etc., but I was just curious to hear from other test takers what worked/didn't work for them. Basically I'm interested in learning a bit about how others scheduled their time and how you strategized to make the most out of the time you had to give me some ideas. When I wrote the first time (3 years ago) I basically went into it alone. My scores were pretty good, save for my CARS score, and I feel like that was because I focused mostly on content review and practice and not enough on exam/question strategy. This time I'm thinking of changing my approach slightly to help improve my score (but hopefully not at the expense of my scores for the other sections). I'd love to hear any tips/pointers/suggestions/comments people are willing to share Thanks!
  4. PopShoppe

    Give up on the dream?

    I feel your feels, very similar story with me 3.57, 3.33, 3.72, 3.90 127/126/130/129/512 Have lots of good ECs too. Also did an MPH, but I know that doesn't matter to pretty much any Canadian schools. Interested to hear the responses you get to this. In my opinion, a second degree might be your next best move if you wanna keep pursuing an acceptance in Canada, even though it is a risk as you've correctly identified. You might be able to get another one in 2-3 years if you do a degree program that carries over credits from your previous degree (or so I've been told). You'd have to be careful that the program you end up pursuing is eligible for med schools' GPA calculations, though. Unfortunately doing a second degree isn't an option for me. You also might wanna look into doing what you can to get some research pubs. I feel like your MCAT is good, so I wouldn't consider another rewrite. I wish I had those scores lol. Have you considered international? I know you mentioned Wayne state, but are other countries an option?
  5. Result: Regrets Time Stamp: 9:00am wGPA/cGPA: 3.81/3.63 Year: Completed Master's MCAT: 127/126/130/129, 512 Overall ECs: Strongest part of my app tbh Geography: IP Only school I thought I might have a shot for. Oh well... maybe 4th time will be the charm?
  6. PopShoppe

    Non-health care related jobs for EC

    My bad, I was speaking about schools generally, as that's what I thought rolandofgilead was asking about. I'm not aware of how UBC assesses ECs so will definitely defer to your advice on that. Also agree that relating your experiences to one or more of the CANMEDs competencies is a good idea for anything you put on an app.
  7. PopShoppe

    Non-health care related jobs for EC

    As someone who has had both a ton of clinical and non-clinical employment for ECs (worked in labs and a clinic but also worked at a bar, grocery store, as a janitor, washed windows for a summer) I personally think non-clinical employment is an incredibly valuable thing to showcase on your application. Being able to say that you've had jobs that have allowed you to work with, learn from, and serve people from several different walks of life is a definite strength. On your application, I'd phrase it in a way that really highlights what you learned from the experience (which it seems you've already started thinking about) instead of just stating what you did, to really demonstrate how the experience will help you become a better physician.
  8. Thanks for the advice and suggestions! I'm not planning on only applying to the US but I know my stats are not very competitive in Canada. At this point I'm considering going elsewhere, which means a rewrite. No, actually. I didn't even know that was a thing. Re-doing a 4-year undergraduate degree solely for the purposes of getting a better GPA was and is not an option for me, which is why I haven't tried to do something about directly improving my GPA. Would schools consider the GPA of a two-year degree program eligible for calculating the overall OMSAS GPA? What kinds of programs are these? A 2-year doesn't seem too bad, though I have to admit after taking 5 years (co-op) to finish undergrad and doing a Master's I don't know if I want to spend more time in school unless I'm receiving the education or pursuing a degree I really want (although I understand this may not be realistic). Thanks again for the help.
  9. Hey all, Third time applicant here. Done everything I think I could possibly do (plenty of well-rounded ECs, professional experience, Master's degree) short of rewriting my MCAT to compensate for GPA (cGPA: 3.63, 2 year: 3.81). My scores have expired for the US, so I'm thinking it's probably time to rewrite in the summer if there's no dice this cycle. Would love to hear some second opinions though. MCAT Total: 512 Phys/Chem: 127 CARS: 126 Bio: 130 Psych: 129 Thanks in advance!
  10. Hey all, Will be probably emailing OMSAS about this but figured I'd also get some opinions here. As a part of my Master's degree I authored a teaching case (real-world narrative that presents an issue w/ relevant background information but does not suggest solutions) that will be used to teach future students and will be published in my program's case book (an internal publication). I wanted to know where this should probably be entered into the ABS. I was thinking "Other," because I'm not sure it fits in the "Research" section. The teaching case is based on the research project I am currently working on at as a research assistant and I did have to do a substantial lit review to write the case, however it is far from a traditional research publication. Any thoughts you guys may have would be super helpful. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello all, Super simple and perhaps unnecessary question, but for the prerequisite section for Ottawa U's application in OMSAS, it requires us to list the course code of each of the prereq courses. Now, according to my academic calendar, the course code for one of my courses is BIOLOGY 1001A. OMSAS is not allowing me the character space to put this in full in that box. Think it makes a difference if I just put BIOLOGY 1001? Or should I get in touch with them? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hey everyone, Just had a quick, minor question here that I figured I would ask here before trying to contact OMSAS. This summer while completing a work placement for my Master's degree I audited a graduate-level epidemiology course at the University of Ottawa for personal interest and professional development. I was wondering where I should enter this course on my OMSAS application. There doesn't seem to be an option in the education section of the new application to really add a single course to your academic record. I'm also not sure where it would fit best in the ABS. Has anyone audited a course before and entered it on their application, or has an idea of where it may fit best? Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hey guys, just nit-picking my app at this point, hope everyone's not finding it as stressful as I am haha. I had a quick question regarding activities that I had done up to, and after, 16. I have played several different sports for as long as I can remember, however I had to quit most of them to focus on school and for other reasons in Gr. 11. If I list my starting year for these activities from the age of 16, it would appear as though I only played them for a year, instead of, well, many. Would it be a red flag to put my start date for this activity at like the age of 7? Or should I just accept the fact that all the time I spent involved in these sports is meaningless to the reviewers prior to the age of 16 and select my start date at the age of 16? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hey everyone, So it's my first time considering applying to American schools and I was hoping someone would be able to share some info about MSU. From what I can see, it looks as though they are relatively Canadian friendly, as anyone who is a Canadian citizen can apply with full consideration given to degrees obtained in Canada. However based on their admission statistics on MSAR, they only accepted 3 from 500 international applicants. Seeing as how MSU doesn't accept non-US citizens, non-US residents or non-Canadian citizens, does that mean in this case Canadians were considered international? Or were they considered out of state? Just figured I'd post on here before emailing them to see if I could get a quick response. Any info anyone might have would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  15. This course single-handedly reduced my cGPA by 0.10. It is a difficult course, I will not sugar coat it. That being said - a lot of this result is my own fault. I went into the course without understanding the difference between stats and math. I figured that this course, like most math courses, was one where you could do the readings, memorize the formulas, do every practice question available and expect to do well. That is not the case. The exams are tricky in the sense that the profs challenge you to really apply your understanding in new ways. After failing the 2nd midterm because I didn't change my study habits from what I listed above, I decided to take Prof Waugh's advice and actually go to office hours when I was struggling. I was in her office so much 2nd semester that she knew me pretty well by the final. She is a nice person and will help you if you seek her out. There are so many resources that the profs offer, including their own time, that most of the students in the class neglect to use. I can't recommend going to office hours enough. If you understand this going in, change your study habits from memorization-based to a more application-based method, and use the resources the profs recommend you use instead of just doing readings and textbook questions, I think it's possible to do very well. And as SLC6A4 said go to lectures. The textbook for the most part is useless (I used it initially as my sole studying method against the prof's advice and clearly didn't get the results I wanted) I only wish I had another crack at it...