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  1. I also am OOP and sent them my scores in July (and again before the deadline). They've ignored my past two emails lol. Trusting that everything's gucci
  2. I did Astroff two or three years ago and I'll say this: I'd recommend against purchasing additional material or services from prep companies. Not only will your return on investment not be substantial, but the questions that they use aren't always reflective of the real CASPer test. I found that the Astroff scenarios were somewhat different than the CASPer scenarios, and I don't think doing them helped prepare me much at all, besides familiarizing me with the time limit and structure of the test (which you can now use the Sample Test on CASPer's website to do for free). Keep in mind that third party companies (including Astroff) also don't know how the test is scored or how the questions are developed, and they are preying on applicants' anxiety to make money. **DELETED** is actually pretty explicit about this aspect of their business model (for example, their ads for MMI prep sessions or something where they say something along the lines of "Reason 1 to be anxious about the MMI; Reason 2 to be anxious about the MMI:" etc. etc. - give me a break) There are plenty of free CASPer-like scenarios on YouTube to help you start thinking about the types of scenarios that may be presented on the test. As I mentioned before, CASPer also released a free full-length sample test on their website to help you simulate the real thing. I can say with confidence that CASPer's Sample Test was the only test that felt the exact same/very similar to the real test in terms of scenarios/questions. Finally, there are some free scenarios offered by **DELETED** and other third party companies. Again, they don't know how the test is scored or developed, but these free materials can at least help you start thinking about the types of dilemmas that may be presented in the questions. This amount of material is sufficient for practice in my opinion. tl;dr I found the third-party tests to be a bit different than the actual CASPer test. There are other (and better, imo) ways to prep that won't cost you money.
  3. I sent my own scores back in July, re-sent them at the end of September before the deadline just in case. Sent them an email to confirm they got them (and my transcript lol). Still doesn't say it's verified and haven't heard back yet.
  4. I'll comment on this based on my own understanding of the US admissions process as a Canadian applicant. Usually they only look at Undergrad marks when it comes to screening applications. Undergrad is king down there, as it generally is up here. Based on what I understand the only thing that can influence your undergrad GPA is a post-bacc. However, the US does a more "holistic" review of your application than Canadian schools. From what I've heard, it's generally agreed that doing well in a Master's or graduate degree won't help you much, but doing poorly in such programs can be viewed as concerning to some admissions committees. You will be screened based on your undergraduate marks, but once your file is reviewed by an admissions committee member, they may have some questions about your PharmD GPA. I'd invite one of our American friends, or someone who has been in a similar situation, to verify that what I've said is correct.
  5. Word of advice for everyone - put your phone on silent before starting. Better yet, don't have it in the room with you.
  6. This is great stuff, thanks for sharing your experience! I guess it's like CASPer in that you can't overly prepare for it, of course that doesn't help settle the nerves much lol.
  7. Interested to hear what people think, I'm pretty much the exact same as you haha
  8. How long did you prepare for? I'm currently looking up interview questions to have examples ready to talk about, then was going to move to recording myself. Again, not exactly sure how to prepare or if it's even useful, like you said.
  9. Last year Western's CARS cutoff for non-SWOMEN was 127. It may be the same this year. It may be worth your time to apply.
  10. @mastermucocele that's super helpful, thanks a lot for taking the time to respond. Best of luck to all of us
  11. Thank you both @marcoyolo and @Scrubadubdub for sharing. Would you say that prepping as you would for an interview would be advisable or are the questions so off the wall that it really doesn't matter? Thankfully Dal hasn't said how they're going to use this and it's likely going to be a challenge for everybody, so hopefully this is a minor component of our application. Cheers CASPer
  12. Hey folks, Anyone done their Snapshot yet? If so, how'd you find it?
  13. I'm in a predicament as well... I'm an older non-trad who finished undergrad in 2016. Two of my most important extracurriculars that I talk about finished in 2014. Praying that Adcoms note my age and give some leniency.
  14. Have any of you wonderful people done your Snapshot yet? If so, how'd it go? Interested to hear about how people prepped, how they think it went, etc. Thanks in advance
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