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  1. Mac's climbing wall on campus is very small, and if you're an avid climber, probably won't be challenging for very long. I know they always have bouldering and top rope, but I'm not sure about lead. There are two gyms nearby, however, if you're willing to pay for an annual pass/monthly membership! Climber's Rock is a short commute to Burlington, and is very bouldering-focused: cave, slab, etc. They have top rope and lead climbing, but their walls are quite short. I enjoyed the variety of bouldering, but having come from Junction in London (very high walls, haha), their top rope was underwhelming. I have been to CR a few times, and enjoyed it, but it may be tough to get to without a car. There's also Gravity, which is located in downtown Hamilton (biking, it's ~10 minutes from campus, or ~10 minutes from St. Joes, if you're living down there). I've only been here once, but I have friends with monthly memberships who really enjoy it. Their bouldering space is small compared to CR, but they seem rotate climbs frequently, and have a lot of interesting problems. They've got plenty of top rope/lead climbing as well; I haven't had the chance to try this, but it looks like a lot of fun/creative routes. No autobelay, though, if you like that. I might consider getting a day pass to both and trying them out? I'm also a climber, and am hoping to keep it up during my time at Mac! =)
  2. Did my undergrad at Mac, all the Mac IDs are some weird amalgamation of part of your last name + part of your first name. Mine is actually part of my last name and my middle initial for some reason. =)
  3. Result: Waitlisted Timestamp: 8:41am (EST) wGPA: > 3.9 MCAT: Above cut offs ECs: Research/academics heavy, varsity fencing; no clinical/hospital volunteering/employment. Feel free to PM me for details. Essays: Spend ~1 month working on these; lots of revisions, discussing with my SO. I did take them to my school's Writing Centre, but I didn't find it terribly helpful. I thought they were very good. Interview: Felt good about 3.5 stations Year: 2nd year MSc; Hon. BA undergrad Geography: IP Toronto is my first choice, so fingers crossed that we see some early waitlist movement! Congrats everyone who was accepted! =)
  4. ACCEPTED - Hamilton Campus Timestamp: 8:28am cGPA: 3.94 CARS: 131 CasPER: I didn't do much prep for this (read Doing Right and some online medical ethics stuff), and overall felt it was alright. I had difficulty answering one set of questions. Interview: Honestly, I thought this went great. The acting station threw me a little (the scenario was pretty on the nose, haha), but otherwise I really enjoyed talking with my interviewers. I'd done a lot of practice though my school (Western offers 4 mock MMI sessions for students) and a friend who was also applying. I also spent a lot of time experiences/debating ethical scenarios with my SO. IP, currently finishing my MSc General advice for any future applicants reading this, mock MMIs are great; they get you really familiar with the setup, and comfortable with the answer length. Don't feel like you have to fill all 8 minutes with a monologue; it's ok to have silence! I kept my answers around 4-6 minutes on average. If you'd like any advice/tips, feel free to PM me! =) My first choice is Toronto, so I'm hoping I get pulled off the waitlist early; then I can give my Mac spot up to one of you lovely people! =)
  5. March 26, but I'm rescheduling, since it conflicts with my Mac interview.
  6. My invite today went straight to my school's crappy spam trap, so double check your junk/spam folders, just in case!
  7. If you are currently attending university, I strongly suggest looking into your school's Career or Student Success Centre. My school offers a wide range of services, from seminars on how to prepare for interviews, to mock MMIs and individual 1-on-1 mock interview sessions. You can get direct, honest feedback from people who really do want to help you out... and since they're almost always free to current students, it won't break the bank.
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