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  1. future_doczhang

    Rejected at multiple schools post interview...what to do??

    thanks everyone for your advice!!
  2. future_doczhang

    Rejected at multiple schools post interview...what to do??

    Hahaha fingers crossed!!
  3. future_doczhang

    Rejected at multiple schools post interview...what to do??

    thank you for your replies! this will be my second year out of undergrad and am planning on doing more volunteering this year. ill also be joining a toastmasters club to build better communication. i worked at a clinic full-time last year, but will probably be doing part-time this year to allow more time to do other stuff. my coaches helped me with response delivery (structure, content) at least in the verbal sense. but since it was online, we didn't focus on body language, and this will be something that i look to change.
  4. future_doczhang

    Waitlist Support Thread 2018

    last year for oop, 81 students were interviewed and 28 did not receive offers (since 29 enrolled while 24 declined their offer). Those 28 students should include those who were: rejected, waitlisted, took their name off the waitlist in favour of another school. I don't exactly know how many got off the waitlist for oop, but i speculate between 20-30.
  5. TIME STAMP: 2:11pm EST Result: Waitlisted Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA: 92% MCAT: 517 ECs: Community based volunteering and on-campus activities Geography: OOP Interview: 1 station felt rough, the others were okay. I'm actually so happy to get a waitlist after so many rejections.
  6. Hi everyone, I’m seeking some guidance for my current situation. This past cycle I was grateful enough to interview at 6 Canadian medical schools, but was rejected by 5 of them these past few days. I’m still waiting on one tomorrow, but I do not expect much at this point. I feel hopeless at this point and was wondering what I should do moving forward in terms of interviewing? I practiced mainly by myself and with two interview coaches this past cycle. They both said I was doing well, so these rejections come as a shock. i practiced in front of the mirror, videotaped myself, and familiarized with current topics. What I didn’t do enough was practicing in front of an actual person (I did Skype sessions with coaches, so maybe that was a factor? They didn’t really focus much on my body language since it was Skype, but I didn’t see any obvious concerns (maybe I didn’t know what to look for?) I’m terms of my actual response, i was told I had really great structure when answering questions and that the content of my responses were great So I really don’t know what to do anymore. What seemed to be great prep was obviously not enough. What can I do? What does it take to get an acceptance post interview or even a wait list? Has anyone been in my situation before and if so, what did you do differently? Thank you!
  7. future_doczhang

    OOP acceptances date?

    I called and they said by the end of the week so Friday?
  8. future_doczhang

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    did you receive it just now? im still waiting...
  9. future_doczhang

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    Their emails are all over the place. Any chance English acceptances still coming?
  10. Does anyone know what passing the interview means? Average score? Top 50-60% in the overall/IP/OOP pool?
  11. future_doczhang

    Post Interview Assessment

    I heard that they look at references post interview for red flags, but not 100% sure
  12. future_doczhang

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    We’ll have to ask @Donald_Duck
  13. future_doczhang

    U of A interview

    it was a bit more difficult than my other MMIs. definitely could've said more/better phrased some things now that I have more time to think about it, but hey we only get 2 minutes to think and 8 minutes to talk. i enjoyed the panel the most-interviewers were nice and receptive.
  14. future_doczhang

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    Does anyone know if Ottawa calls verifiers post interview and if so, until when? Thanks:)
  15. Does the email say accept or decline invitation by feb 20 for anyone?