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  1. we are in a cohort of amazing and talented individuals and sometimes we might wonder how we even got in (I definitely did!). but just as much as you are admiring your classmates, im sure your classmates are admiring your achievements at the same time. we all worked extremely hard to get in, so don't discredit your achievements!! plus, we're all starting this race together. some may have more research, more knowledge, etc. at the start but we all have 3 or 4 years at our disposal to prepare for CARMS. im finding that a lot more opportunities are open to me now as a med student compared to undergrad-PIs more willing to take me on, more shadowing, ecs. so don't stress! everyone in med school took different paths to get here. if you want surgery, go for it. your past experiences or lack thereof will not limit your opportunities moving forward. just remember this: your school wants you to succeed and will do everything necessary to help you succeed.
  2. RamenSenpai

    do oop need 128 cars?

    unfortunately, yes you will be screened out with a 127 cars as an oop. but AWESOME score nonetheless!
  3. Med schools have different opinions on this matter. Taking online courses for Canadian schools are ok (not sure about gpa calculation) but for some American schools, it is not. I’m assuming that you don’t have the science pre requisites to apply to med school atm? If so, I would contact the schools directly to see what their policies are (ie taking online courses during your degree vs taking them as a continuing student when you graduate) and also how that would affect your weighted gpa calculation.
  4. Much of the mcat tests you on reading comprehension and critical thinking, even for the science sections. You’ll most likely will not have learned some of the topics tested in the science passages. With that said, you do need a base level of knowledge for the sciences, which you can get through your prep materials or an online course like khan academy. But for others, taking the pre requisites might be needed. It’ll depend on your situation of course. What kind of difficulties did you encounter doing the science passages? Was it more of a knowledge issue or a reading comprehension issue?
  5. They might see it since you have to submit both scores but they will only use your 128 one to calculate pre interview score
  6. Do you have any activities where you worked with individuals apart from your peers? Like people from different cultures, age groups, socioeconomic backgrounds, etc? Those activities are great for Capacity to Work with Others And you’re not allowed to put the same activity twice. best of luck!
  7. RamenSenpai

    Interview Invite Breakdown

    Hey Balkan, I don’t know if they’ll lower their cars cutoff.
  8. RamenSenpai

    Interview Invite Breakdown

    I don’t know the exact scoring, but I think that they: 1. Weigh ecs heavily 2. Gpa less so because of what I said above, but could still be considerable 3 mcat, ref letters idk
  9. RamenSenpai

    Interview Invite Breakdown

    It’s worth it to apply. There’s talk that alberta’s changing their gpa accessment so your gpa might be viewed equally as someone with a 4.0. In terms of ec, I got an interview as oop with a score of 8 (average I think?). It depends on how well you describe your ecs good luck:)
  10. separate question, but when do we receive our acceptance package? does it come by email or mail?
  11. thank you! this is so unexpected. im still processing the news
  12. Accepted off waitlist OOP 2:42pm EST.
  13. There were one or two oop rejected who posted each year in the past but I didn’t see any this year
  14. thanks everyone for your advice!!