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  1. Generally retaken courses are not considered unless you withdrew beforehand and re-did the course. -Someone correct me if I am wrong-
  2. If you apply during your 4th year, they automatically drop the year with lowest GPA. So your cGPA will be effectively calculated based off of 2 years of school since they don't have your 4th year GPA at the time of application.
  3. With academic research it's generally the impact and significance of the end result that matters more, rather than the time taken to reach the result. This is kind of why adHominem mentioned that only some actives warrant mentioning a specific time commitment.
  4. I use Google Calendar to keep track of my exam dates, assignment due dates, meetings etc. It syncs to iCal on my Mac and also to my phone. I also use ToDoist to keep track of my To-Do's. I like both options since they are truly multi-platform and have apps for all devices which I use.
  5. Hmmm I noticed this on their website so I assumed so. It seems like a great opportunity to rack up some extra experience during Summer on how things are being done elsewhere in the world. Also I did both my Undergrad and also will be doing Medical school in the UofA, so I need a break from Edmonton .
  6. Hello folks: I'll be starting M-1 this Fall at the UofA (Hooray). The faculty offers the option of doing a series of Summer electives in addition to the required elective courses. In this regard I would like to do some electives in Canada during the summer, but I have also been toying with the idea of doing a summer elective abroad, likely in the US or Europe. The process for signing up for Electives in-house, at least in the University of Alberta, seems fairly straight-forward but I'm kind of unsure how to try and snag electives in other locations in Canada or foreign electives in general. Are there additional fees incurred with Canadian/foreign electives apart from travel and lodging (I would assume so)? What is the application process? Is there any specific locations in the States or Europe that are friendlier to Canadians? How is the immigration paperwork for Canadian Citizens (I'm assuming at least in the US and UK, the process should be fairly straight forward)? I'm sort of at a loss on where to start looking or what to do first. Thanks in advance for the advice <Apologies for any typos.>
  7. Personally I used the Astroff Prep programme and found it pretty useful (Though folks might disagree with me). It's true that you can't really "practice" per say for the CASPER like for example the MCAT. But however similar to the MMI, I feel that you can hone your answering skills so that you can more efficiently get the brilliant ideas in your head into the text prompt. I found this to be the difficult part, since I knew what to say but found it hard to phrase it coherently in the short time frame given. Also practice exams are useful in getting to know the the timing and rhythm of the exam.
  8. That's like kind of like trying say how many hours you have spent breathing . There is really no good way to put a numerical hour value on it . Besides the diversity of experience section does not ask for hours. I would phrase it more on how knowing a extra language has made you a more capable person. It could being more aware of other cultures , being able to reach out to people whom you won't have been able to otherwise, and also how you used your language skills to solve a tricky situation/help some-one out. Like wise, you can also describe the hard process of learning a new language and how you overcame challenges that way. Knowing an additional language is a skill not most people have (Good for you ) but it's important you sell it right.
  9. Combining all is my suggestion. You can always specify the breakdown in the description if you want to. Besides you are going to have pretty much the same verifiers for all these activities.
  10. Should be orange camo next year to add some zing to the 2022s. Whoever gets inducted into the "Secret Order" make this happen
  11. It seems to be fairly vibrant shade of blue, if you look at the Calgary unveiling video (Could also be just an effect of lighting/software.). The colour seems pretty nice on second thought.
  12. I have noticed this trend as well, with people strategically choosing courses to maximize GPA. While there is nothing technically wrong with what they are doing, I too feel that those who choose to take on more challenging programmes/course-loads should be awarded as such. Just looking at numerical GPA doesn't really tell of student's academic prowess. I know PIs look at courses taken when selecting students for graduate studies, so why not do it when considering entrance into Medicine. UofA have started checking almost all EC verifiers last application via an E-mail form. I think is a good move and will prevent people from stretching the truth, if combined with the requirement that all verifier emails be organizational e-mail addresses (as does Calgary). However this doesn't make it foolproof, it just makes it very hard to spoof.
  13. Probably would have done a Masters/PhD and gone to work in the US in the Biotech field/Academia. There is some really interesting innovations right over the horizon with the emergence of fields such as Synthetic Biology and also new technologies such as CRISPR. I would have really liked to be a part of this new wave of innovation. Sometimes I fear that by taking Med, I might miss this.
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