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  1. Hey Everyone, I know people have been saying its taken a week or more to have their LOC up and running after speaking to an advisor. However, do you have access to the credit cards before that time? I have a few large purchases to make and I would like to be able to capitalize on the rewards of the new cards. Thanks!
  2. There's a link to a document on here somewhere that breaks down the total number of interviewees given offers of admission (i.e. people who accept their offer and people who reject for another school). I'm not sure of the exact numbers for all of the schools but both Western and Mac give offers to close to 60% of their interviewees, whereas as Ottawa gives offers to ~45%.
  3. At what point after receiving acceptance to med school can you actually set up the line of credit. Is accepting an offer all that is necessary?
  4. Congrats! Did you apply as a graduate student? If so, what was your academic CV like? I'm wondering if graduate review results are going to start coming out...
  5. So we don't need to bring a photo of ourselves (other than the photo thats on our ID) like some other schools require? I know it doesn't say so in the information package but I want to be extra sure.
  6. How similar do you guys think the "role-playing" would be to MMI acting situations? Would it make sense to prep like you were prepping for an MMI as well?
  7. I feel like they're probably not coming out today? It would make sense that they come out the second Wednesday the school is open following the holidays. Last year that happened to be the second Wednesday of January but in 2017 it was the 3rd Wednesday. Going off that they'd likely come out next Wednesday the 16th. I could be wrong though.
  8. Hi Everyone, I want to discuss my Master's research in one of the 3 ABS paragraphs as it is a good way to hit many of the clusters. Is it appropriate to list "Master's research" directly as the activity (given that it is part of my formal education)? Or would it be better to list an achievement (i.e. OGS) and then discuss the research-related attributes that were necessary to get the award. Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone, I have a question regarding the eligibility of someone being my reference for UofT based on the objectivity criteria. Does anyone have an idea of how strict this is, or how often the throw away applications because of a judgement call that the letter is non-objective? I want to include someone who was my mentor, but is the same age. I'm worried that this person could be potentially perceived as a peer. Does anyone have any insight as to the red flags that would make the adcom disregard my entire application. Thanks!
  10. I have a related question. In terms of "Research" would be appropriate to elaborate on an entire Master's degree? Or would that not be considered an "activity" rather part of your education. Would it be better then to include a scholarship that was awarded based on merit (i.e. grades, research potential) in order to talk about attributes related to your degree within these statements?
  11. Okay thank you so much! Again I'm sure this varies school to school, but as long as your thesis has been submitted and your defence has been completed by June 30th is that all the schools are looking for? Or do they expect you to graduate and everything before that date?
  12. Thanks for your response. What types of things are less important and don't necessarily need to be wrapped up by the deadline? Also I know it likely varies, but typically how far in advance of the completion deadline would you need to make your decision that you will be finishing earlier. i.e. is it sufficient to wait until interviews are offered before committing to completing by June 30th?
  13. Hi Everyone, DISCLAIMER: This is not a thread about me trying to leave a research-based Master's before completing it. This is regarding the transition between completion of a Master's degree into the beginning of medical school. I'm looking for advice - preferably from someone who has been in a similar situation regarding a researched-based Master's degree. I'll be applying to medical school again during the second year of my two year Master's degree with the intent to start medical immediately in the fall after completing the Master's degree. I initially thought this would be no problem until I realized that some med schools have a "strict" deadline for when all Master's related stuff needs to be completed. The date I've seen tossed around is June 30th, or some other date earlier in the summer. Now I fully expect to be completed my Master's degree within the two years, however I understand that many students often do not completely wrap up their degrees and defend until around August. Is this ever a problem with people entering medical school the year following completion of a Master's degree? How strict are schools (especially after accepting you) about completion early in the summer? Obviously this is based around the hypothetical situation that I do get accepted, but lets pretend that will be the case. I don't want this to be a contentious issue with my PI with them thinking I am try to rush out of my Master's two months early. Any insight about this would be great! Thanks in advance
  14. Will there be a message confirming submission of letters by your referees on OMSAS?
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