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  1. Canadian_Med_Dream

    What Are My Chances/Any Feedback? 3.96/514

    Heyyy, Thanks for the tag. I really think your current school list is amazing and very inclusive of all tiers. I highly recommend applying to penn state and central michigan. For CMU, please emphasize your teamwork and problem solving skills since that school is big on these two skills. You MCAT is great in my opinion. A 514 should be no problem for mid to low tier schools. Of course, for high tiers, you'd need at least a 520. But, you're all set for mid to low tiers. Submit secondaries as soon as you get them - hopefully within a week. If you can submit everything by the end of July or beginning of August, you have a wonderful chance. If you're interested in DO and are okay with doing it, you should go for it. I applied to DO schools and interviewed at two. Your stats are extremely competitive for DO. GOOD LUCK, I have all the hopes for you this year! I think you have a brilliant chance in American MD schools. Lemme know if I can help with absolutely anything!
  2. Canadian_Med_Dream

    2018/2019 Brief Personal Essay Topics

  3. Canadian_Med_Dream

    Providing assistance with UBC MD application

    Hey everyone, I can help a few more people starting from next week! Message me!
  4. In my honest opinion, your "past experiences" ECs are excellent and diverse: sports, music, prestigious awards/scholarships, impressive volunteering hours. If you could mirror that in your ongoing experiences, that would be awesome. It would also help to look at the application and its categories. The goal is to fill as many entries in the following categories: Service for ethics (I think you can cover this really well), Working with others, Leadership and Diversity of Experiences. If you're interested in research, you could explore that more as well. Are you IP? Being an OOP is a little harder than IP. Good luck!
  5. Canadian_Med_Dream


    I did 300+ hours of shadowing during undergrad. Personally, I didn't add any shadowing activities to OMSAS or UBC MD application. I definitely added them + wrote about them in the personal statement for AMCAS (US schools). I don't have a solid reason for not including shadowing in OMSAS/UBC but I just thought (and was told by many people) that it would be better to add other activities where I actually had more of an important role (leader, facilitator, etc...). It worked out fine!
  6. Canadian_Med_Dream

    School bag

    Prayin its red
  7. Hello everyone, A lot of you have reached out to me about editing UBC MD application (in response to my previous post). Unfortunately, I had time to help only 15 applicants. However, I am thinking about doing a webinar on: how to write the NAQ descriptions (from my experience) how to improve ECs for next year During the seminar, I’m also planning on: sharing above-average examples of NAQ descriptions from each category (service ethic, leadership, diversity of experiences etc…) and comparing them to below-average descriptions providing quick feedback on a few of your activities answering questions Message me if you’re interested or if you have any questions.
  8. Canadian_Med_Dream

    Providing assistance with UBC MD application

    Just sent you a message!
  9. Canadian_Med_Dream

    Providing assistance with UBC MD application

    In that case, I'd definitely ask for clarifications. I know things are changing a little bit (with the whole June 12th cutoff). Definitely ask the admins for clarifications.
  10. Canadian_Med_Dream

    Providing assistance with UBC MD application

    Awesome, yeah absolutely PM me for absolutely any advice! I always got time to help! ALWAYS! <3 Great idea to put paid experiences under employment. But I think each category has a maximum number of scores allotted (I think). So, let's say you have 10 paid experiences and you put all 10 of them in employment and leave half of leadership blank. You may get 10/10 on employment section, but you may end up getting 5/10 on leadership. ALTERNATIVELY, if you put 7 paid experiences in employment, and 2 paid to fill the leadership section - you may actually get 10/10 on both. So think about it! It's tricky but categorizing appropriately can really help you get a high NAQ. Of course, I don't know how exactly everything is graded but you'd think that they have maximum scores for each section and that there are categories for a reason! GOOD LUCK!
  11. Hello everyone, Since UBC MD 2018-2019 cycle just opened, some of you may have already created an account and are starting to work your way up to submitting a stellar application. I applied to UBC MD two times as an out of province applicant. I was rejected pre-interview the first time with the following scores: AQ: 32.78 NAQ: 28.75 TFR: 61.53 Although my AQ probably stayed the same, I truly worked hard to strengthen my NAQ section with better descriptions and new activities, but mainly better and stronger descriptions. This time, I was accepted to UBC MD, and I am still shocked since I had a 124 CARS score. So those of you who haven’t done well in a section of the MCAT, don’t worry - there’s still hope! Here is my advice for writing the NAQ section of UBC application: 1) Try not to leave any spots blank. Everything counts. I even wrote about my experience of moving from one country to another or even writing a book at my leisure time, since they were such important events in my life. 2) Try to add as much detail as possible in the NAQ descriptions. For instance: "With 128 volunteers, I coordinated a united effort to raise awareness of brain injury prevention amongst 650 students in 34 elementary schools. Through hands-on demonstrations (e.g. watermelon helmet on jello brains) and by sharing powerful concussion survival stories, we helped students understand the importance of protective equipment in sports." - I used numbers, "128 volunteers, 650 students, 34 elementary schools" - I used action verbs, "coordinated" - I used strong words, "powerful" - I provided specific details, "jello brains" - I wrote it in a concise, but understandable manner. I personally stayed away from using point form or any short cuts like "&" etc... Compare the above with the activity description I wrote two years ago: "Advertising to recruit volunteers for presentations at local elementary schools; working in groups to organize interactive workshops that helped to raise awareness of strategies to prevent brain injury; collaborating with volunteers to present information in a simplified manner that children would easily understand & follow" I'm sure you can notice many significant differences! 3) Edit as much as possible. The descriptions are fluid and dynamic. Change them as much as possible until you find the best way to express what you did, how you did it, and what you learned or what the outcome was. I will be offering assistance with UBC application this summer. Due to limited time, I will only be helping 15 individuals. Please message me for more details about this or if you need absolutely any other advice! Good luck everyone!
  12. Canadian_Med_Dream


    Heyy, I was wondering what's the biggest factor in deciding which academy to choose? Is it mainly which hospitals you'd like to shadow in? All the academies sound really good to me haha. I'm so confused - Idk which one would be a better fit!
  13. Canadian_Med_Dream

    Weird Question

    Over the past years and especially this year, I have asked the admissions office many questions too! Don't worry - you're fine. They're extremely nice and would only want to help you. And I agree if this is becoming a concern of yours - maybe call them through an unknown number (you can block caller ID temporarily), ask med students instead etc... But I highly doubt that they'll write a note in your file when you apply. You're totally fine and it's always good to ask questions!
  14. Canadian_Med_Dream

    My Experience: AMCAS Advice

    Hey everyone. I have gotten a lot of messages about AMCAS recently. So, I thought I should make a post to help everyone else out! I applied to AMCAS last year and I got interviews from: Central Michigan, Arizona, Penn State. I got waitlisted for an interview at SUNY and Georgetown. My biggest mistake was not submitting the supp apps for Wayne, West Virginia and Michigan State within 2 weeks. I was preparing for my MCAT (+ working) and I just didn't have time. My friend with similar stats got interviews from those. I wish I had submitted early. Based on my experience, here are some tips: Apply to schools that you have completed all the pre-reqs for Submit AMCAS as close to June 1st as possible Send your transcripts, mcat scores, references, casper scores (if applicable) and supplementary applications as soon as possible Apply broad - in all tiers: top, middle, low. But definitely in middle and low tiers Be as personal as possible in your supp apps and personal statement Start prepping for interviews soon, since you don’t get enough time after they send out invites Note: It is so extremely important to apply early and get all the necessary documents as soon as possible to the schools Here's the list of American Schools I applied to: SUNY Upstate Medical University - MD/PhD, MCAT: 512 Georgetown University School of Medicine - MD, MCAT: 512 University of Maryland School of Medicine - MD/PhD, MCAT: 512 University of Kentucky College of Medicine - MD/PhD, MCAT: 512 Rosalind Franklin University - MD/PhD, MCAT: 511 George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences - MD, MCAT: 511 Arizona College of Medicine - MD, MCAT: 511 University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine - MD, MCAT: 511 Tulane Medical School - MD, MCAT: 511 Penn State University College of Medicine - MD/PhD, MCAT: 509 University of California, Davis, School of Medicine - MD/PhD, MCAT: 509 Loma Linda University School of Medicine - MD/PhD, MCAT: 508 Wayne State University School of Medicine - MD, MCAT: 508 David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California, LA - MD/PhD, MCAT: 508 West Virginia University School of Medicine - MD, MCAT: 507 Michigan State University College of Human Medicine - MD, MCAT: 507 Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine - MD, MCAT: 507 Central Michigan University - MD, MCAT: 504 Meharry Medical College - MD/PhD, MCAT: 499 Here are some helpful resources: Personal Statement Tips: https://bemoacademicconsulting.com/blog/amcas-personal-statement-tips Canadian Friendly School List: https://bemoacademicconsulting.com/canadian-friendly-usa-med-schools AND https://www.yu.edu/sites/default/files/inline-files/Canadian Friendly Schools.pdf AMCAS guide: https://aamc-orange.global.ssl.fastly.net/production/media/filer_public/33/f0/33f0bd3f-9721-43cb-82a2-99332bbda78e/2018_amcas_applicant_guide_web-tags.pdf I personally think American schools are amazing back up options, since american MD graduates can apply through carms similar to Canadian MD graduates (not the case for DO schools). I'd be happy to share a few of my activity descriptions and provide thorough feedback on yours. Feel free to message me anytime! GOOD LUCK! YOU CAN DO THIS <3