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  1. U of T doesn’t revoke offers based on your GPA. Only conditions are finishing your degree.
  2. Not too sure about how rural works but I know for a fact mcat doesn’t play a gauge role. I got in Vancouver campus as an OOP with a 509 mcat.
  3. Got mine as well! What academies y’all get ?
  4. I was told by a friend that asked admissions, that they would be out either today or tmrw morning. The office is closed now so I am assuming tomorrow morning!
  5. Weren’t we supposed to get our academies yesterday? Did anybody get theirs?
  6. Based on admissions reply to a comment on facebook, they summarized the changes as "No more Graduate Supervisor letter required to outline your productivity and end date. No more academic CV. Credit for work awarded based on type of degree, and whether is is in progress or completed." I assume now they evaluate ABS just as anyone else ( and obviously in a graduate program you will probably be more competitive here than the average application)...but depending on if you are course based/thesis or conferred/in progress or pHd/masters, you get a specific number of points added to your file review score..
  7. If you have a course based graduate degree conferred by your time of the application, you will be awarded some benefit I believe; as opposed to last year where you would always be considered an undergrad. I believe they also made mention of “productivity” in terms of publications not being as sooo valued anymore (don’t quote me on this). Tbh as someone finishing up a very rigorous course based masters (did 18 courses over the course of a year), I do welcome this change; all masters are challenging and rewarding in their own ways. Just because their is no thesis component shouldn’t exclude you from getting a graduate review.
  8. Did English 255! Got 80% and honestly didn’t even try lol. I was in a course based masters and had 8 courses plus 3 interviews to prep for, so ya - wasn’t top of my priority list. But the course itself was really a joke and the exam lol
  9. they say it’s a 3 part video series- the FB event title for tmrw is regarding the MCAT, and the next one on June 27 is about graduate applicants and MD/PHD applicants.
  10. Yeah and for Sunnybrook, they offer a shuttle from WCH, so you don’t have to worry about TTC.
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