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  1. TIME STAMP: March 18th 1:29 PM Result: INVITE Interview: April 7 wGPA: 3.97-3.99 MCAT: met cutoffs ECs: pretty extensive! message for details! Essays: spent a LONG time on these. They were well written, thoughtful and got lots of edits! However, I was worried they were not personal enough (bc in 2 of the 4 essays I did not include personal stories), but seems like this wasn't much of an issue. Year: Last year of Master's Geography: IP
  2. keener12345

    OOP Chances

    Hi what Mcat score did he/she have exactly ?
  3. Had it, was very straigtforward! last part was a breeze and was actually multiple choice!
  4. I have englis 255 exam on Tuesday! from what i can see, basically you don't need to study anything, other than read one of the 12 passages and be able to recognize the author etc etc.
  5. I can confirm no racist/discriminatory utterances were made. I also believe I was able to showecase my ethics throughout the interview. So yeah I guess you're right, maybe I have to chill lol
  6. I thought my interview went overall pretty well, and really connected with the panel near the end of the interview. However, for one scenario, I don't think I said the CORRECT answer. I certainly explored both sides of the coin, but I chose an answer that is not correct. Is it the thought process that is more important than the actual answer? have been really upset over that one question over the past week and has really been bugging me.
  7. Hey, Just wondering how/if MCAT plays a role in post-interview decisions? I think my interview went well, really loved Vancouver, but have a 509 MCAT. I am currently in my Master's, have a strong aGPA and most likely a strong NAQ because I am OOP. Should I be worried with my MCAT?
  8. keener12345

    Post-interview discussion

    Had mine today! Overall positive with some bumps. If I had an ethical question and I didn’t answer it technically correct, would it really hurt my interview score (was not a red flag imo, it’s just I don’t think I said the RIGHT answer)...
  9. I'm anticipating a rejection at this point honestly lol... not gonna bank on getting the last day invite when probably 80% of invites already have been sent out..just have to focus hard on the interview I have!
  10. I think there was one yesterday.. was this for 31st or April 7th?
  11. keener12345

    Post-interview discussion

    Would you guys consider a 3.93 wGPA low going into the interview?
  12. My predication: all March 30 is out.. just waiting on 31 and April 7! Rejections have def started to go out. Have friends who’ve been rejected ( both who didn’t meet cuts and those that did).