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  1. keener12345

    Offer package?

    Basically a copy of the offer letter we got via e-mail and a one page double-sided offer package you need to sign
  2. keener12345

    Offer package?

    Got mine today :)!
  3. keener12345

    Offer package?

    like Toronto in the city, or GTA? I'm in the suburbs so thats prolly why! guessing ill get it today or Tuesday latest
  4. Anyone receive their offer package yet? I know they were just sent Tuesday but I’m so excited lol
  5. Easily the best day of my life! Result: Accepted to St. George Campus Timestamp: May 14th, 9:17AM GPA: 3.98 MCAT: 509 (126/125/129/129) ECs: Varied and Extensive, Message for details! Essays: Were solid! Interview: Felt like I nailed them all, but the last guy was very grumpy and I thought he'd be the reason I was rejected lol Year: Finishing a masters! Geography: IP
  6. keener12345

    Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (May 2019)

    Got WLd @7:19AM !
  7. keener12345

    May 14 Countdown

    Do u guys think omsas intended for it to go out at midnight or it was a totally accident?
  8. keener12345

    May 14 Countdown

    Based on the looks of it I have an offer at U of T and nothing for Ottawa (probs didn’t get it lol). Anyways super happy, hope this is real. Does TDR mean we got St George?
  9. keener12345

    May 14 Countdown

    I feel like throwing up... lol this is gonna be a sleepless night!
  10. keener12345

    Post Interview Feelings 2019

    Thank you! Yeah so he redirected me in the beginning but after that I caught his vibe and it wasn’t a problem. Did crack a smile here and there and even made a joke. So I don’t think it was too damaging- guess we shall find out on Tuesday
  11. keener12345

    Post Interview Feelings 2019

    Hey! I was just wondering how accurate post-interview impressions are? SO I have a 3.98 ( and I think rest of pre-interview score would have been great) and I think all of my interviews went overall very good! with 3 of the 4 I felt like i really connected with the interviewer. my concern is with the last guy.. he was very stone-faced.. he defs was interested in my experiences and gave off script questions.. i also answered the questions very well.. but at one point he re-directed me back to sticking with personal experiences because I was relating something to medicine.. so just unsure how to interpret that
  12. Anyone have an idea of how likely it is to get an offer off the waitlist as an OOP ?
  13. keener12345

    May 14 Countdown

    Waitlisted at UBC today lol- hope toronto or ottawa brings good news
  14. keener12345

    Review of Academic History

    Thank you! Just wanted to make sure academically, I can compensate for a 509 MCAT! My AQ is strong (91.1), have an increasing trend in my grades, took a lot of science courses and an in the masters.. so who knows haha but ur right, shall see this week
  15. As part of the holistic post-interview assessment, does review of academic history also include the courses currently enrolled in and level of education? For example, would being enrolled in a course based masters with 16 courses put me in a better situation than if I had the exact same applicant profile (but applying in my 4th year)?