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  1. If it doesn’t show on transcript your fine lol. I stressed about this so hard last year, ended up interviewing. And “violated” whatever the online course rule was.
  2. Haha thank you so much for all this info. Really really helps! I’m in 1st year, so just started - so defs lots of time. It’s just thinking about a competitive speciality and don’t want to get behind.
  3. Thank you everyone :)! And quick question, I know there are 8 weeks of electives for a certain speciality (which is usually 4 programs that last 2 weeks each). Does it make sense to do these 4 rotations at the schools/programs we want to match? Let’s say i want queens,Ottawa, Toronto and McGill as my top choices. I would pick these 4 as the spots to do electives, correct? And as a Toronto med student, do I get first pick for preceptor etc for electives.
  4. Thank you! Could anyone else comment on how this works for surgical specialties, especially very niche/smaller programs ?
  5. Hey could someone please answer my question regarding electives on the other thread please
  6. Hi, Do we get to choose the staff member we want to do an elective with? Like What if a physician agrees sometime between year 1-3 that I could do an elective with them? Is this possible ?
  7. I have a question: for electives do we get to choose the staff member we want to work with ?
  8. U of T doesn’t revoke offers based on your GPA. Only conditions are finishing your degree.
  9. Not too sure about how rural works but I know for a fact mcat doesn’t play a gauge role. I got in Vancouver campus as an OOP with a 509 mcat.
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