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  1. keener12345

    Casper October 23rd

    Still not up on minerva LOL
  2. keener12345

    Casper October 23rd

  3. keener12345

    Casper October 23rd

    Hello, For those who wrote english casper on October 23rd has anyone's results been delivered? It's been almost 3 weeks and nothing yet.
  4. keener12345

    OMSAS GPA Calculations

    I e-mailed them. They said mid-November and that they would e-mail when they are ready!
  5. keener12345

    Interview Selection

    Thank you I guess I just have to patiently wait!! What was ur wGPA for Toronto?
  6. Hi, For interview invites, how predictable is the process? Like I know for Queens, it's a bit of a black box and nobody really knows if having X, Y and Z would get you an invite. For Western, if your not Swomen, getting the 129 pretty much guarantees u an invite. My stats are: wGPA: 3.98 ECs: Pretty solid, varied (lots of club executive stuff (president and founder of a club), sports, volunteer work, awards...in terms of research specifically: 3rd author pubs, one 1st author ready for submission) Essays: Worked pretty hard on them for a couple of months and thought they were quite personal. Got them edited by quite a few people. Education: Currently finishing up a course-based masters
  7. keener12345


    can be any way u like. its not specified
  8. keener12345

    Should I apply to McGill OOP MDCM?

    Give it a shot! you never know! Your cGPA of 3.83 will be used 70% for pre-interview. Your 3.93 will be only used if you get an interview. It may be a bit of an uphill battle, especially if your academic context is weak (easy undergrad, no Masters). But your chances are 0% if you don't apply, so why not?
  9. keener12345


    If you have the $$$ go for it ! At the very least, if you don't interview, you can request a ranking and see where you stand relative to all applicants.
  10. keener12345

    Awards Question- CV

    Hey, I was wondering if you think the following entry is valid fo inclusion in the Awards/Distinctions section: My school wrote a newspaper article about me (front page), regarding leadership, and it was circulated around campus and the city.
  11. keener12345

    MPH vs MSc.- Academic Context

    Hmmm interesting, I guess I will e-mail and ask. Because according to an online search, the MPH is technically a professional degree but an MSc is not.
  12. In terms of academic context score, would an MPH be valued more than an MSc? MPH is considered a professional degree and it was stated on the website that this is something evaluated in the academic context score.
  13. Hello, What do you guys think my chances are as an OOP applicant? GPA: 3.93 Education: Currently in a 1-year masters program and did a rigorous science undergraduate degree (yay for context score). ECs: President & founder of a club, many VP executive positions ( received an award for one of these clubs) that I've stayed committed to throughout undergrad, a lot of educational related stuff (tutoring, volunteer prep instructor), research at an academic hospital (1 publication, 1 acknowledgement..not 1st author author pub though), some volunteering, deans list for 4 years, business competition awards from high school. And a lot of sports, hobbies that I'm passionate about and have stayed committed since middle-school. Casper: Doing it October 23rd... Currently prepping Thanks for all your input!
  14. Got 3-4 contacted October 1st!
  15. This is fine if you are not applying for these particular streams! when you review & submit, OMSAS will still let you submit because these are not required portions of the application.