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  1. pekingduck

    ABS Essays - Plagiarism

    Email UofT admissions and let them know, so it doesn't get flagged.
  2. pekingduck

    Queens Waitlist 2018

    Any movement this week?
  3. Samee.... except also when I'm trying to write my thesis or try to study
  4. pekingduck

    Defer/take a year off?

    Perhaps you can research the academic requirements and whether any gaps is allowed for the medical schools you are thinking of applying to. Some will only take the best or more recent 2 years. For UofT, a year off during undergrad may or may not be allowed, but you will not be eligible for weighting (take out worst few courses). However, there is an optional academic explanation essay in which you can explain your situation and why you took a year off. Hopefully they are understandable. I hope you are able to find some time to spend with your grandparents!
  5. pekingduck

    Decision day

    Thanks! I may not have access to either OAS or email because the site might be blocked in the country I'm travelling to....
  6. pekingduck

    Decision day

    Do they send out emails as well or do we have to check OAS?
  7. I would go with the UBC stats because it is their own stats, they would know best.
  8. I feel the same way
  9. Does anyone know if they look at the overall MCAT score or do they also consider individual section scores
  10. pekingduck

    Queens Interview-March 25

    Yea, i feel pretty terrible about it as well
  11. I screwed up pretty badly during one of my interviews...I kept digging myself holes when answering one of the questions...so I know for sure I have no chances for that one. Im pretty sure the interviewers just gave up on me at the end.
  12. Yep....I feel like I messed up all my interviews so far...
  13. pekingduck

    What makes a "good" U of T essay?

    Perhaps they may be able to answer that if you call them or email them