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    Line Of Credit

  2. Does anyone know if we can drop off our documents rather than mail them?
  3. Sorry updated it. IP no masters
  4. Guys I did it! :') GPA: 3.73 DAT:70/90 Interview: 47/49 Edit: IP, completed bachelors
  5. It’s been May 18th for the past two years and it seems like they have transferred over to email correspondence.
  6. Is it emails or snail mail? Last year I got my waitlist by email but in the past waitlist offers have been given via mail. Have acceptances changed to email too or no?
  7. qwerty2222

    UofA Areas to Live

    Many meds live in Windsor Park Plaza which is super nice, super close to UAH but very expensive. Concord tower is right across the street from windsor park plaza and is much less expensive. Campus housing: Newton Place houses many graduate students and families, right across from UAH. As well many live in the condo complexes by the UAH (garneu mews, university place, the place on 111th and 84ave that I can't figure out the name of) as well as on saskatchewan drive east of 109 St. Galen lofts is a good option if you are not opposed to loft style-housing. Lots of good places around it just depends on your price point especially if you have a vehicle and need to pay for parking. Concord tower is a good compromise of space, price and location, in my opinion, although it lacks some things like balconies (but is across from 2 parks), underground parking (but it does have parking) and a few of the fancier options like a pool etc. (but who has the time haha). You can also look along the LRT around southgate and century park. Downtown is also an option to be along the LRT line although it may be more expensive. I am not familiar with living north of downtown so I can't advise you on that. I've heard mixed reviews about Garneu Towers, the price point is good though.
  8. ^ yes there are at least 5 errors but otherwise I found it comparable. Some years seem to be harder than others for the DAT. I really found speed to be the limiting factor though, so to me the more important skill is learning how to write the test not the questions themselves.
  9. I just used IQ publications prep books with a few additional MDT carving patterns for online. I found it to be quite comparable to the DAT. In my opinion CARS on the MCAT is 10x harder than RC on the DAT, but that might just be me. The hardest part about the DAT is the time constraints but the helpful thing is they seem to use same vocab in the questions as the passage. Thus I just used search and destroy and didn't actually read the passages, I found very little need to comprehend the passage.
  10. I would start in the summer, study the chem and bio content then review it on weekends leading up to the DAT. I would say it is better than cramming it in right before while you are taking classes. You need to remember that you may have less time than you think depending on the workload of your classes. Typically in any given day I would study some bio or chem then do one other section practice exam (ie. study DAT relevant ecology and do RC, then the next day do DAT relevant thermodynamics and do PAT). Always do it timed, never do it leisurely because it is very much so a time-crunch exam- if you had all the time in the world it wouldn't be that difficult of an exam. Develop your exam strategy (esp for RC) and practice it well so you are prepared to do it exactly as you practiced on the day of.
  11. Thanks, oh well regardless it's just a waiting game! ^very true, you hear many more reasonable scores from people in person. Or lower GPAs like me!
  12. Can someone explain the difference between early and general acceptances? Do they only offer early admissions to like 5 people (the class is so small I don't understand the point of it) or is it basically like first round and general is second round? Thanks
  13. Someone got in off the waitlist last year with a 4.0, 62, 32 so it is pretty similar to your situation.
  14. I am just careful with how I phrase things, explore all the stakeholders and try to be friendly and personable. Beyond that, I don't know!
  15. IP GPA: 3.7ish DAT: 70 Interview: 47