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  1. I keep getting the "We cannot process your application at this time..." error as well.
  2. Hey guys, I tried contacting the admissions office, but couldn't reach them. My Masters degree abroad will start in October. Because I have not started my program yet, my university will not issue me a transcript of courses I am enrolled in. What should I do in this case? Does anyone know if Ottawa requires a transcript for enrolment or will a letter from my program confirming my enrolment suffice? Also, does Ottawa require a letter regarding when I will be completing my Masters? I know schools like U of T, Western etc have specific requirements. What is the case with Ottawa? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, guys! :)
  3. Hey guys, Now that the interviews are over, I wanted to ask how everyone felt about their interview. Ottawa was my only shot and I feel like I totally blew it. I can't stop replaying it in my head over and over again. I even had 1-2 members in the panel who were friendly. I don't think I got to showcase who I am based on the questions that were asked. Found them pretty random and all over the place. Also don't think I answered 2 ethics questions well enough - can think of so many things I could have said and not said. I honestly don't know what to feel about this entire interview experience. Is it normal to feel this way? How did you guys find yours?
  4. Invite!! Time Stamp: 29/1/2018 6:27 pm Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: approx. 3.95 Current year: Graduated from UG; currently working ECs: Lots of research, community volunteering and work experience Casper: Honestly, I didn't think it went well at all. I couldn't complete some of my responses for the 3rd question. I am not a great typist, so I struggled with answering questions under the time limit. Maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought. I had no hope of securing an interview at Ottawa. I am so grateful for the opportunity!
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  6. Hi everyone, I have a few activities I have done abroad and as an online volunteer. Can I list international verifiers from the respective organizations for these activities? They would have an international contact number (time difference is a lot as well) and there would also be a language barrier issue to go with it. I want to list their contact number, address and also include their email in the end (just in case). Is this alright? I don't have anyone in Canada to vouch for these activities except for family and friends (who I don't want to list). Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks so much!