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  1. Oops not sure how to quote and reply on my phone. I saw queens on ORPAS. Uoft email, and western email saying yo check my account for an offer.
  2. Accepted to uoft, queens, and western for OT! Will be accepting uoft
  3. Any fellow uoft undergrads here? I happened to check my acorn account and it changed my degree status to MSOT2 Invited... Just wondering if anyone else saw this?!
  4. Applied: UofT, Western, Queen's - all for OT Accepted: Waitlisted: Rejected: GPA: I believe my sub GPA is 3.82 and cGPA is 3.63 by the ORPAS standards, but waiting for the verification in February. Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I felt my references were strong, one was a professor who taught me in three different courses all relating to the sociology of health and illness, and the other was my former employer, a physiotherapist. I have experience working with children with disabilities, volunteering at Sick Kids, and worked a policy contract last summer regarding Ontario's disabilities act (AODA). I really tried to make my personal submissions about my journey towards OT and how my choices and life path have really influenced this decision. Hoping for the best! Good luck to everyone
  5. Yea that's what I was kind of worried about as well. I also feel having someone with a professional designation might be good on the application?
  6. Hey there, For my letter of recommendation I am having trouble deciding between two people. I already have a past professor writing one letter, but for the other I cannot decide between the PT I worked for a few years ago and the mother of a boy with Autism whom I have worked with for the past six years (and currently still do). The mother has provided me with a lot of OT resources to work off of, has met with tons of OTs, and works with children and adults with Autism, so she really understands the profession. I meet with her and her son weekly. I am still in contact with the PT and see her frequently, but have not worked at the clinic since 2014. I feel like a letter from a PT who owns a clinic may be viewed more advantageously from the admissions standpoint though? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!! Edit: I am applying for OT by the way!
  7. Thanks! That's reassuring. It's good to know lots of applicants take time off
  8. Thanks! That's really helpful. I was kind of thinking about that with the personal statement and how to incorporate it.
  9. Hey there, I'm looking to apply to Ontario schools for Occupational Therapy for a start in September 2017. I am thinking of Western, McMaster, UofT, and Queens. My cGPA is 3.63 and sGPA is 3.84. I worked at a Physio clinic for 3 years where my boss (the PT) got me interested in OT. I have volunteered at schools and children's hospitals, and worked with children with Autism spectrum disorder doing art and mentoring. I took a year off after my undergrad and worked in a policy job related to the AODA (Ontario's accessibility act) to gain some knowledge about the context of disability in Ontario. I am wondering if taking the time to work this policy contract will hurt my application at all? Its not directly OT related and I probably could have gone back to work at the clinic but it was a great opportunity for me. I guess what I am asking is how admissions judge your experiences, should they all be directly related to OT or can some experiences relate to the broader context of why one is interested in OT? Within OT I think I would love geriatrics or working with developmental disabilities. I am also really interested in art if its possible to integrate that into OT practice. Any feedback or advice is greatly, greatly appreciated! This forum has helped me so much since I've started reading it
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