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  1. Last 30 credits 3.5 and pre-req 83-84%; OOP student. Graduating this semester with a BSc in Physiology.
  2. Second round of invitations just got out. I also received an interview invitation.
  3. I've noticed that there's no thread for UoW Pharmacy for 2017. Interview invites coming April 6th.
  4. For those who got an interview, can you share by which date you have to decline/accept the interview invitation?
  5. I don't think you should be "sold" on pharmacy. It would be better in my opinion if you actually go experience it first hand by doing some volunteering or shadowing in the field. You will end up making a more informed decision this way, rather than people telling you why they want to become a pharmacist. You should formulate your own opinion. Personally, I have a big interest in how medications act on patients to treat different conditions. While doing my undergraduate degree, I took some advanced courses in physiology and organic chemistry, and I found it fascinating how drugs get metabolized and modified in the body. From there, I decided to get some clinical exposure by working in the hospital as a research assistant. I got to review patients' medication and really see how it affected their medical condition. I found it very surprising that physicians didn't know all the details about how the patients' medication interacted, so they had to consult with the pharmacist, especially when it came to complex chronic diseases. They were the expert in everything that had to do with drugs and their interactions. I got to see first hand how optimizing the dosage and medication variants for patients really improved their health outcomes; this was all thanks to the pharmacist's training on medication management. I don't know exactly how much, but I'm sure this saves the healthcare system a good amount of money each year. While the pharmacist also has a more traditional role to dispense and formulate drugs, they can also conduct research. They can specialize in any relevant research field if they have the training, ranging from drug discovery and development to more clinical research studies on patient populations; you name it. You have a lot of flexibility with the degree, too since you can work in retail or industry. I think that patient health outcomes can be significantly improved as the healthcare team will include the pharmacist's expertise on medication management in the treatment process, and it looks like the field is going in that direction. From pharmacogenomics/genetics to personalized medicine, the pharmacist will definitely be more involved in the patient's care process as technology will continue to improve.
  6. I started this in order for people to discuss applications and concerns. Cheers.
  7. Hello and thank you for looking at my post. I will be graduating from McGill this year from Physiology and I'll be applying to UBC Pharmacy (PharmD). I currently have a 3.35 cGPA and last 30 credits 3.6 GPA. My prereq. grades are as follows: CEGEP: Bio I & II: 90, 83 Chem I & II: 80, 75 Cal I & II: 71, 73 O Chem I: 91 English I & II: 80, 85 Social Sci: 90, 82 McGill: Stats: B Microbio: A- Cell Bio: B+ Bioc: A- Great extracurricular activities. Lots of volunteering and clinical research experience: published 2 abstracts and 1 paper in a good journal as an undergrad. More studies on the way to getting published. My question is whether I have a good chance at getting an interview as an OOP student. Thanks again.
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