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  1. Hi, I was wondering how much did the western wait-list move last year? Any response is appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the R UofT. Now I am ready for the virus to take my life!
  3. Why can't they reject everyone at the same time. Whats the point of holding on to the Rs for hundreds of people. Waitlist is something along the lines of 50 people! Don't tell me they have not finished going through all apps yet! 10 days remaining to last interview day!
  4. Well I haven't heard back yet, but camera adds ten pounds! just saying!
  5. Seriously I do not think 200 people doing interviews would increase the chances of getting the virus significantly, if anything I think it just adds to the element of public panic. As long as they mention that they would compensate for people who might feel the symptoms and encourage everyone to stay safe and attend hospitals if they feel they are infected, there is no need to cancel or switch to online interviews.
  6. Another wave came out today 3 people posted invite for 28th/29th. I guess we should wait for rejections now. which I do not understand why they have not already send out!
  7. do you guys think if they run late they might add interview days in april? has this ever happened?
  8. Then, However by the same token, they shouldn't have rejected people above gpa and mcat cutoffs in January, which they did!
  9. My question is why would they not reject people if they have gone through their application. Is there a reasoning to holding off the rejections?
  10. As far as I know there is no such thing as waitlist for interview. If anyone denies an invite they just interview less people. Based on numbers, they invite 200 people each cycle and about 160 people actually end up doing the interview. I might be wrong as well. If this is true, I suggest no one bail on interview since they are not helping anyone!
  11. What's going on? Has anyone heard anything? Any updates? invites? Rejections? I feel like UofT has just one person who is taking their time and carefully going through all applications one by one!
  12. I legit dreamt getting the R email last night. Had to wake up and check my actual email. It was freaky!
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