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  1. Well I guess I do qualify for WGPA and I am sitting on 3.89. But still thats a long way from 4.0. Also since getting masters puts you in a different pool. how does that help you? as you will be competing against people with graduate degree!
  2. Hi, So is it even possible for people without masters/phd to get interview from UofT with below 3.9 GPA and no publications or crazy unique experiences (ie. saving the private Ryan from deep inside enemy lines)?!
  3. Honestly, sometimes I wish ontario was not the hardest place on earth to get into medicine. Its sad that not most of us get to follow their passion in life. somehow this feels unfair.
  4. So is it true our chance is getting slimmer as time goes by? cause I think more people are getting invites than are being rejected.
  5. You guys think the might go through applications alphabetically? Is there someone who got invited or rejected early comment on that?
  6. Do they also start to send rejections or those are only sent at the end?
  7. Hello Everyone, Just how much do you think people who write on this forum; for example the Invite/regret sections of each medical school, are representative of actual applicant pool. Are they on average stronger applicants (stats/EC wise), weaker or similar to the rest of applicant pool? Thanks for sharing your opinion in advance.
  8. Hello everyone, So I was wondering if anyone has any insight into OMSAS applicant pool GPA distribution. Any statistical information would be appreciated. Cheers.
  9. Hi guys, As the title says, how many people do you think get passed the GPA and MCAT cutoffs for detailed ABS review. Knowing about 3000 apps get submitted each cycle. Also does anyone know what is the rough best two year GPA cutoff? Thanks.
  10. Dear Peers, I am about to graduate this summer and I am also preparing for next cycle. My application is competitive pretty much in all area except for awards and scholarships. Except for some continuing scholarships for achieving good GPA, I pretty much have nothing in that area. Any help or advice on how can one get awards after they graduate or how can I fix this issue. Thanks a lot in advance,
  11. I screwed up my PAT and Got and email saying i did not meet the Required PAT score.
  12. Hello guys, Some fresh info on selection process. UWO uses PAT as a cutoff as well, same as RC.
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