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  1. betterlattethannever

    MMI Disaster

    If this is the case, don’t you think it’s a bit limited to base a candidate’s entire interview on only 6 MMI stations? That’s half the stations Mac uses
  2. betterlattethannever

    Unclear MMI Instructions

    Did anyone else find that the instructions for the MMI were unclear/not well written? I swear I was confused about what role I was supposed to play for almost half of them
  3. betterlattethannever

    Interview Prep Timeline

    is the panel open or closed file?
  4. I don’t usually post, but seeing what you’ve said thus far, I think you need a reality check. You’ve vented about how unfair the system is, how you’re tired of applying for 3 cycles. Yet you’ve applied with your 125 CARS for multiple cycles now, obviously banking solely on your SWOMEN status and being admitted into western. This year you didn’t get an interview (which I know, is a horrible feeling and I’m sorry for that), yet I find it somewhat ironic that you’re complaining about the unfair Canadian med system with your 125 CARS, while the non-SWOMEN cutoff is a 128. You’ve also said that you don’t know how to improve your app. I think the answer is pretty clear here - rewrite your MCAT. You said it yourself, your score precludes you from queens and Mac. I know it sucks right now, but seriously, stop feeling sorry for yourself and grind harder if this is truly what you want.
  5. Hi all, So on the old OMSAS interface last year, we could put verifier #0 for things verifiable via transcript (i.e. Dean's honour list, scholarships, etc.). This year, it seems we are unable to do that. Does anyone know what we should do when listing these awards/accomplishments in our ABS?
  6. With interviews about to come out, any speculation on what the CARS cutoff will be this year? Really hoping it will drop to 128 with the introduction of psych/ phasing out of the old mcat. Guess I'm just going crazy with the wait for interviews, but any input would be nice
  7. I didn't see this earlier, but in OMSAS it states "At least 1 referee should be a non-academic/character referee." I have 2 academic referees and was originally going to ask a volunteer coordinator to provide the third reference, but in the end I thought an old research supervisor could provide a stronger reference instead. I already sent the email.. does anyone know how strict they are about this?
  8. I don't see psych being valued too highly. Most likely will be a 126 like chem, 127 tops
  9. Yeah, the more I think about it the more I could see it swinging either way. Especially since the old MCAT is being phased out, it's entirely possible they won't have enough people with 129 CARS for this cycle
  10. So I got my score today and got the dreaded 128 CARS (90%). Literally 1 or 2 questions off of that sweet 129. As the title says, what are the chances the CARS cutoff would drop from 129 (95%) to 128 (90%) with the introduction of psych this cycle? Thanks!
  11. betterlattethannever

    Abs - Verifiers

    Does anyone know if Western requires verifiers for the abs portion? On the OMSAS website it says Western and Mac don't require additional details, but it only explicitly says Mac doesn't require verifiers.
  12. Hi everyone, On the OMSAS website it says that additional details in the abs section aren't required for Western and Mac. Does this mean I don't need to add anything in the "add/change details" part? I only need to write the titles and duration of my experiences? I found it a bit odd that we wouldn't have to include verifiers, hours, etc. I called Western admissions yesterday but the lady I spoke with wasn't clear on this either. Thanks in advance for the help!