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  1. Thank you for the reply medabe! Sorry for not being clear. I graduated from my first degree in June 2018. I didn't get any medical schools last year. So I enrolled in a second degree to complete the pre-reqs for American schools (Orgo., English, Physics) that I didn't have. I only got my MCAT on Tuesday with a 129 in CARS, my cGPA is 3.92. I submitted my detailed ABS on-time. I didn't know at the time I would qualify for Western, but this year is to qualify myself for as many medical schools as possible. So that is my story. Anyways, I guess the point is I got scared by the message "If you are currently enrolled in a second undergraduate degree program, you are eligible to apply during the final year of your new program." Since I am a first year in this new program, I was wondering if I qualified?
  2. Okay, so I was just checking the requirements for Western again and read: "If you are currently enrolled in a second undergraduate degree program, you are eligible to apply during the final year of your new program. In order to be considered for GPA, this second degree MUST BE equivalent to a four-year degree. GPA consideration will be based only on the TWO best years of the SECOND UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAM. Course load and level requirements for the second degree are analogous to the requirements of the first degree. Applicants who are given a conditional offer must complete all program requirements for the second undergraduate degree by June 30th. Withdrawal from a graduate degree to attend medical school will not be permitted." So my story is that I didn't get in after qualifying to graduate last year. I graduate got my degree and am back full-time right now to take pre-reqs to also qualify for the US this year. However, I enrolled in some program at the school because I graduate from my first program. I didn't want it to look like I didn't graduate on time because I didn't complete my degree requirements so I finished the program. So that is my story of how I am a first year again in a new program. Also just as an aside, the GPA cut-off is no problem for me to address one of the points. So I won't meet the program requirements by the end of the year, so if I am offered acceptance, will it be revoked? Also, will this be a problem or will I be looked at as a 5th-year student if I put into OMSAS that I did not expect to get the degree? This is worrying.
  3. These essays are especially frustrating, as we are supposed to have an activity that fits evenly with strong lessons in a specific category. Unlike the UofT where there are clusters and the essay can speak to multiple of them at a time.
  4. So the instructions, for example, are, "Please list your top 2 extracurricular activities (employment, volunteering and/or hobbies) that: demonstrate your teamwork and leadership skills." That said, if my top activity is my top in multiple categories, would it not be better to talk about something else that perhaps is not the top, but significant in demonstrating a category?
  5. Alas, I have returned with an answer to the question. After calling the answer given was that it was at our discretion, whether total hours from the start, per week or per month. Apparently the medical schools don't specify which method to use and therefore it is at our discretion. This is comforting to know, but in light of this link it confuses me why they would indicate to format with per week and month if it is at our discretion.
  6. Yes I too am confused by this and I think this is new this year. Would like to know the answer too. Maybe will call OMSAS tomorrow about this situation and will report the findings.
  7. So I have started doing an activity this year as a graduated student who has returned for a 5th year to take some courses. What do you say your level of education is when you put the activity into the ABS? 5th year B.Sc.? 1st year 2nd B.Sc.? Post baccalaureate?
  8. For the letter to the editor essay, do you guys know how much of formatting we are supposed to have in it? Features like name, address, phone, email, date, name of publication...
  9. So I just heard from a friend that cell Biology doesn't count as part of the biochemistry pre-req for medical school. At my school, biochemistry is the name of the first half credit of biochemistry and cell Biology is the name of the second half credit of biochemistry. I am wondering if this cell Biology counts as biochemistry given that the course is listed under biochemistry at my school.
  10. As I reflect on my essays, I just realized that this method doesn't work since OMSAS reorganized our ABS items when we submitted by organizing them into categories. Already thinking about next time and how I should do it then...
  11. Well... All schools I applied to have now replied with rejection. Can't say I'm not bummed out, but at least the wait is over.
  12. Result: Reject Time Stamp: 2017/03/13 1:18 wGPA: 3.93 Year: 3rd year UG MCAT: 512, met cut-offs ECs: Thought that they were okay at first. Given the turn of events I think they could be significantly better Essays: Thought that they were great and spoke to each cluster. Had people check it over and see if it was any good. They thought it was. Geography : IP
  13. Nga

    Interviews 2017 Invite/reject

    Rejection Date Stamp: 25/01/2017 - 4:22 AM/PM Location: IP Out of Ottawa Stream: English wGPA: 3.9 Current year:3rd year undergrad ECs: I think pretty unique and diverse. Lacking any publications or serious research, just volunteering to collect data for research. Casper: Thinking that this might be the reason given that I didn't get into McMaster either (probably didn't get in there due to low CARS mark too).
  14. Nga

    Interview Invites 2017

    Time stamp: 9:45 AM Invite: No GPA: 3.9 Casper: Some hits and some misses CARS: 126 IP 3rd year BSc I think it was the CARS that did me in. Hopefully somewhere will still take me.
  15. *exhales* managed to dig through all my piano notes and find her address... This problem for me is resolved.