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  1. Hi, I am about to finish my final year in cegep and am preparing to enter the exercise science program at Concordia. I was hoping to apply at McGill for either dent or med after, however, I was wondering if I had to complete their University Requirements (listed here https://www.mcgill.c...oncepts2017.pdf) courses equivalent at Concordia to be able to apply? Also, I was wondering if transferring to McGill Bsc.kinesiology was a decent option for me as well? Finally, a big question, after completing my undergrad, will the MD or DMD programs take in count of my cegep grades or only look at gpa? Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I was looking into applying to the B. Sc. Kin at Mcgill. People who have done this program, how is the course load, how is it compared to other science programs and what was your cegep r-score that got you in? Thanks
  3. I always wanted to go to Mcgill, ever since I was a kid. Unfortunately, I didn't take cegep seriously enough and am now suffering the consequences.. When looking at the Mcgill r-score acceptance per program, kin caught my eye. I looked into it and have decided it would be a path I could do very well in. I just wanted to maybe hear from people accepted into that specific program or people who have friends in the program that got in with a slightly lower r-score. I will most likely apply either way. I know of other programs that I can get into, I just want to try and see if I could maybe just maybe make it into this one. Thanks for all the feedback.
  4. Mcgill website says r-score needes is 26.5 if I manage to up my r score to a 26 is there a chance I get in or no?
  5. Hi I was just wondering how easy it is to get in to a Bsc Kin at Mcgill. Would you be able to get in with a 25 r-score?
  6. Hi, I currently have an r-score of 27 and wish to apply into a B. sc of either major in math, physiology or kinesiology. Do I have any chance of getting in at McGill?
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