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  1. Mostly people I know who did well for MMIs did lots of practice. I only know one single person who claims to have not practiced at all. I think you should do some practice sessions and ask someone to give you honest feedback.
  2. You should check out some sample videos on youtube to get a sense for sure
  3. Sorry guys. I got rid of it because it's not fair to the author.
  4. so in med school you still get osap right? otherwise i might as well not apply again...
  5. what if you are not a citizen and just a permanent resident only?
  6. good to know oma gives something back from those fees it collects lol
  7. I have a published 1st author paper and I still didn't get in! lol it's not that striaighforward. They want you to display a lot of different qualities
  8. I have had a few friends use their services for CASPer and MMI prep and they were happy. But I think you should just talk to all different options and judge for yourself.
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