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  1. aspiringstudent

    CARS prep help

    I was wondering what the best CARS prep advice is to do? Should I read the kaplan/TPR book for CARS or jump into practice? Is AAMC all I need for practice? Also, is it worth buying a CARS prep course like JW (Jack...I can't type his full name cause it keeps getting deleted lol)? Thanks!
  2. I have a question about the academic explanation essay. Is it only used if you don't qualify for the wGPA, or can you also write one if you do qualify for it but still want to talk about a hardship? Thank you.
  3. Althought I agree that none of us should be insulting each other here as this is a thread and we're all mature (I hope), you do have to understand you're going to get criticism based off the points you made lol, such as medicine being a dying field, money, your application being competitive, etc. It seems as if you were interested more in money than actually helping people. People aren't getting healthier. Just because the average lifespan is getting higher and higher in developed countries doesn't mean people are healthier. Doctors will always be needed. I for one know that both Canada and US will be needing an influx of internal medical physicians. India alone needs 10 million medical professionals in the next 10 years. It's a profession you go into to help people. It's a profession not everyone can do but that's okay! It really isn't for everyone and there's nothing wrong with that at all. Secondly, your application, although impressive, doesn't mean it's that impressive for medicine. Just because you have research, sports, and business doesn't mean much for medical schools lol. I had a friend who almost made it into the NBA, dabbed in entrepreneurship by being an app developer, 4.0 GPA, 520 MCAT, and had 5 publications by 4th year. He got rejected 2 years in a row from almost every school in Canada. You need to diversify your application more (more charity work, volunteering, giving back to community) to show more character. I don't want to come off as being judgemental but just by reading your giant message (I read it all haha) I picture you as a cocky and arrogant person in real life for some reason. That may be just me but that's definitely not the quality you would want out of a doctor. Regardless, I wish you all the success in your life and thank you for trying to send a positive message to people who aren't striving their medical goals too! :)
  4. aspiringstudent

    TA application

    I didn't know where to post this question. I'm applying to a few TA positions as an undergraduate student. The word count is very limited (200 characters). Any suggestions on how to make my application appealing? Thanks!
  5. aspiringstudent

    Few Questions

    First time applying here, I have a few questions: 1) Do the schools actually call your verifiers? 2) I'm confused on a few things on the ABS. For research, if you don't have a publication in that position yet do you just put "N/A"? Also, for awards, what does it mean by 'duration'? If I just got the award for a good GPA for example, how does that work? 3) What does it mean by Geographic area for each ABS item? Does it mean the city where the activity was done? Thanks!
  6. aspiringstudent

    ABS Questions

    Hey I have a few questions about the ABS (first time applier so yes I'm a noob lol) 1. Would a research position fall under volunteer or research? The reason I'm asking this supposedly dumb question is because when I select 'Research' it opens up a publication option. Do I just write "N/A" for it? 2. When I write about the description of something in the ABS, should I use dot-jots or full sentences? 3. Does the order in which I put stuff in the ABS matter? For example, if I list research over awards/achievements does that matter? Thanks!
  7. aspiringstudent

    Kaplan 2015 vs 2018

    I'm using the kaplan books from 2015 which my friend loaned me. Do you think I should buy the new 2018-2019 ones?
  8. aspiringstudent

    MCAT Practice Exams

    Best places to find practice exams? I already got AAMC material.
  9. aspiringstudent

    wGPA Question

    Ahh damn that sucks Thanks man!
  10. aspiringstudent

    wGPA Question

    So they are included in the total number of FCEs that can be eliminated? I saw that too but I just wanted to confirm it lol
  11. aspiringstudent

    wGPA Question

    In my first year I took a course that was a Pass/Fail course. For the wGPA, does this course get removed as like one of the courses for the wGPA? For example, after 3rd year you get 3FCE removed, does this count as part of the 3FCE?
  12. aspiringstudent

    MCAT Physics

    I'm planning on writing my MCAT this summer. I have a good amount of knowledge in most of the subjects however I have never done physics in my life ever. I've done chem, bio, psych, organic chem and biochem, however I have never done physics. My question is how screwed am I knowing that I have to start from scratch in physics? Is it really that bad? Any advice or tips please.
  13. aspiringstudent

    Letters of Reference

    Thank you so much
  14. aspiringstudent

    Letters of Reference

    But what if you're applying to multiple schools with same reference? Is it they have to fill multiple letters?
  15. aspiringstudent

    Letters of Reference

    Guys I have a dumb question about letters of reference. When you apply, do you get letters of references, scan them, and then attach them to the medical schools you're applying to on OMSAS? Or does the referee have to email them on their own? Just curious