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  1. When I enter my essays in, after a certain point, I need to scroll to see the rest of the text as the box is not big enough. Has anyone overcame this issue?I'm worried they won't be able to scroll to see the rest of the text if I submit like this
  2. I had a question about eligible items for the exposure to diversity ABS section, that I was hoping any one in a similar situation could give me advice about. I want to use a job in policing as an example for this, but my exposure to diversity wasn't direct but through court proceedings, police reports and police database searches, which are obviously extremely detailed in painting a picture. I was wondering if this would be okay to use, as I was definitely exposed to people of different SES, ethnicities, etc.
  3. I've been sitting here for 3.5 hours trying to get this to work..have to submit my Calgary App tn too. Feeling overwhelmed
  4. chota-don


    IP, 3.83 WGPA, 518 MCAT(128,130,129,131), EC's: co-owner of medtech startup, obtained and overseeing clinical trial for our device, >1000 hours diverse volunteering, submitted first author pub, other non published research
  5. 3.83 GPA, 129 CARS, In province. Would I need an above average casper, or would an average casper result likely get me an interview?
  6. How does Western look at lab courses, if the lab course was just for one semester and worth half a credit, would 4 of them constitute a full course equivalent in the GPA calculation?
  7. chota-don

    GPA Calculation

    Also, if you have more than 5 full course credits in a year, they only take the top 5 in gpa calculation.
  8. chota-don

    English prerequisite

    Thanks, this is great advice. I'll do that
  9. A bit of background, I have already completed my degree with 2 English courses. Just a few days ago I decided to apply to UBC I sent a last minute email to the admissions regarding one of the English courses that I have taken, and whether it satisfies their requirements. I'm not sure I'll receive a response in time, so I'm thinking of registering for just one English course in the winter term to fulfill the prereq, and representing that on the application course entry. Has anyone heard of a similar situation, or if taking one course outside of a degree like this is allowed?
  10. chota-don

    How do rejections work?

    I got my rejection on March 13th last year(met cutoffs).
  11. chota-don

    Gpa+Mcat+Ec, What Are My Chances?

    Thanks for your response! I suspected as much. Btw I'm a 4th year undergrad
  12. Due to not meeting cutoffs, I know Western is out. Worried about my chances at Mac and Queens due to my low CARS, and Ottawa due to low GPA. Is Toronto my only hope this round? Ottawa 3.89 Queens 3.91 McMaster 3.87 Toronto 3.95 Mcat(128,126,126,127) Main Extracurriculars: biomedical research lead for startup company(developed vein visualizing technology and world's first smart mattress/pressure ulcer management system)(developed clinical trial to test technology with major Toronto health center) few terms TA infection control volunteer experience at hospital shadowing experience under physician President of multiple clubs at uni homeless shelter volunteering summer research assistant position organizing member of hack4health hackathon and world religions conference