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  1. Result: Invite Time Stamp: 9:20 am Interview Date: cGPA: 3.83 Year: graduated UG MCAT: 129/129/129/131-518 ECs: owner of business, research, president of some clubs, long standing volunteering Geography: IP
  2. Time Stamp: Jan 31, 11:00 am Invite/reject: Invite IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN (Y/N): No 2YGPA: 3.95ish MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PYSCH): 129/129/129/131 (518) ABS Score (If available): owner of business, research, president of some clubs, long standing volunteering
  3. chota-don

    Abs verification

    129/129/129/131 and Non-SWOMEN
  4. One of the verifiers I put on my Western ABS sketch has reached out to me confirming that Western has contacted him. I'm not sure when this process began but it does provide us with the knowledge that Western does do at least some verification pre-interview.
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    Skype MMI Prep

  6. Time Stamp: 1:05PM Invite/Reject: Invite! GPA: 3.83 (OMSAS) CARS: 129 Casper: Felt okay at the time, was second guessing how I did afterwards. Geography: IP
  7. chillllllll u gon have me on here 48 hours straight
  8. Would they have been out by now?
  9. There's like 5 days a year where I can't do anything productive at all because I'm waiting on a med email lmaoo
  10. chota-don

    Interview Invites date?

  11. When I enter my essays in, after a certain point, I need to scroll to see the rest of the text as the box is not big enough. Has anyone overcame this issue?I'm worried they won't be able to scroll to see the rest of the text if I submit like this
  12. I had a question about eligible items for the exposure to diversity ABS section, that I was hoping any one in a similar situation could give me advice about. I want to use a job in policing as an example for this, but my exposure to diversity wasn't direct but through court proceedings, police reports and police database searches, which are obviously extremely detailed in painting a picture. I was wondering if this would be okay to use, as I was definitely exposed to people of different SES, ethnicities, etc.
  13. I've been sitting here for 3.5 hours trying to get this to work..have to submit my Calgary App tn too. Feeling overwhelmed
  14. chota-don


    IP, 3.83 WGPA, 518 MCAT(128,130,129,131), EC's: co-owner of medtech startup, obtained and overseeing clinical trial for our device, >1000 hours diverse volunteering, submitted first author pub, other non published research
  15. 3.83 GPA, 129 CARS, In province. Would I need an above average casper, or would an average casper result likely get me an interview?