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  1. Hey! I'm having a pretty hard time calculating my aGPA. I'm a little confused about the formula they use. Could I get some help with that? Thanks!
  2. I’m just telling it how it is. There’s no point in me saying “yeah go ahead and apply again”, when your GPA clearly isn’t up to par. It’s well-known that dental schools consider academic achievements over all else. As I said before, I would recommend completing a continuing education degree (Masters etc.) to up your GPA.
  3. Hey! I was wondering if I could send you a PM. I'm applying to Dal this year and have some questions!
  4. Hey, what do you mean by "top 3 perquisite higher science courses"? Which courses do they look at?
  5. Hey! It's really just personal preference. I'd rather go to dental school here in Canada.
  6. I'm an OOP applying this cycle. Wondering if they look at the best two years or all of them.
  7. Hey, just wanted to let you know that I officially withdrew my offer from UCC so there's a big chance you'll get it. Hang in there friend!
  8. Doesn't look like it. We're already at 25 students, which is the international student number that UCC accepts into their GED each year.
  9. Irish schools are **very** GPA-heavy. I would recommend doing a post-bacc or master's degree to up your GPA a little; I would aim for a 3.50 at least before applying. Good luck
  10. Hey! Can we talk through email? I have questions about the program & how it might run this year. Thanks!
  11. Hey! Would you mind if we corresponded through email? I have a load of questions! Thanks
  12. That’s terrible. Honestly. That’s really really terrible. I’m in medsci so this definitely affects me because we don’t have many courses at the third and fourth-year levels. You mentioned you were in third year, why not take more upper-level courses next year? You have two semesters to kill it. Also, it’s odd that they haven’t replied to either mine or my friends’ emails...
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