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  1. TIME STAMP: Dec. 12 11:25 PSTInterview Invite or Regrets: Invite Early or Regular Deadline: RegularAGPA: ~85.5MCAT: 517Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): BSc Geography (IP/OOP): IP
  2. It blows my mind as well — in one sense, absolutely ridiculous that they'd be passed over in favour of people who didn't get an invite the year prior (or were straight up rejected after interview) even though their NAQs have had an extra year added. The other thing, I think, is that they do say there are far more qualified applicants then there are seats. They could probably randomly select from the vast majority of the applicant pool and get good physicians out of them all.
  3. We think they sent out all of the invites for people who met the early application deadline... Did you mean they didn't?
  4. If that reddit post earlier is true, early interview invites may be rolling out in waves as well.. Although I think they'd all be today. Anyone heard back?
  5. Technically it's a forum, so a competing website to this one. They probably worry about losing their visitors to it.
  6. That is correct for me! Although I didn't submit in time for the early deadline so I'll be waiting for a while (unless I get rejected, in which case...)
  7. Don't freak out about the number of waves! We should be good, even on Tuesday is an oddity
  8. Looks like he updated it, it now reads as from yesterday. Were there two waves in previous years on the Tuesday? As far as I recall, usually it's all on Monday: you're freaking me out.
  9. X is the GPA (oGPA or aGPA if eligible) used to calculate your AQ. That gives you y, your AQ. Now subtract that from your TFR and you have your NAQ.
  10. Same... Very true. They do mention they statistically transform the scores of reviewers who may be consistently scoring high or low, but if you end up being an oddity (i.e. everyone around you was much weaker, or much stronger, or the reviewer had a transient headache, etc.), that would result in some variation in the scores for sure. Not sure to what depth they do to reconcile differences between the X number of reviewers who review your appication. (Or is it only one reviewer? I have no idea)
  11. That was certainly true... They've been breaking the mold in recent years. Historically, Monday were rejections, and Tuesday was a day of quiet — but last year we got early invites on the Tuesday, and this year rejections. Not sure how much I like these changes.
  12. Someone said to try logging in via incognito mode. (A different device may also work, if Incognito mode does)
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