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  1. I'd be more interested in an online faculty-sponsored online website that goes through and addresses everything this conference aims to do (and more). I wonder how much of this post is "preaching to the choir" — I imagine that most people on these forums are already very interested (and actively pursuing) admission into medical school.
  2. I too felt my interviews went poorly — definitely made some mistakes that were so, so avoidable. To top it all off, I think I'm already in the bottom half of applicants (pre-interview) — pretty much everyone else I talked to at the interview was doing interviews for multiple schools across Canada (and the US), with me just sitting at only getting an interview in BC. I definitely prepared for the interviews but in the moment it felt largely useless.
  3. This looks a lot like your extracurriculars (EC) weren't written well — something I myself have suffered from! My issue was describing how the EC let me grow/impacted my world view, rather than what exactly each EC entailed. I hope this helps with your future applications and you're definitely a strong candidate!
  4. I think it depends on your lisp and how much it interferes with communication. I do know someone with a lisp (which was distracting at times) who is now in medical school. Ultimately, if your lisp makes it harder to follow or understand your speech by your interviewer (or your future patients), it can affect your interview (or future patient compliance / understanding). Another angle to look at it from is that everyone has different weaknesses — a lisp isn't that big of a weakness in comparison to other more hidden weaknesses that your competitors have. If, on an interview you are asked "what is one of your weaknesses", you could pull out this lisp and really make a stand-out impression on your interviewers. People have difficulty understanding people who mumble, or people who write messily. Are there doctors who are both of those? Definitely.
  5. TIME STAMP: Dec. 12 11:25 PSTInterview Invite or Regrets: Invite Early or Regular Deadline: RegularAGPA: ~85.5MCAT: 517Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): BSc Geography (IP/OOP): IP
  6. It blows my mind as well — in one sense, absolutely ridiculous that they'd be passed over in favour of people who didn't get an invite the year prior (or were straight up rejected after interview) even though their NAQs have had an extra year added. The other thing, I think, is that they do say there are far more qualified applicants then there are seats. They could probably randomly select from the vast majority of the applicant pool and get good physicians out of them all.
  7. We think they sent out all of the invites for people who met the early application deadline... Did you mean they didn't?
  8. If that reddit post earlier is true, early interview invites may be rolling out in waves as well.. Although I think they'd all be today. Anyone heard back?
  9. Technically it's a forum, so a competing website to this one. They probably worry about losing their visitors to it.
  10. That is correct for me! Although I didn't submit in time for the early deadline so I'll be waiting for a while (unless I get rejected, in which case...)
  11. Don't freak out about the number of waves! We should be good, even on Tuesday is an oddity
  12. Looks like he updated it, it now reads as from yesterday. Were there two waves in previous years on the Tuesday? As far as I recall, usually it's all on Monday: you're freaking me out.
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