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  1. HongHongHong

    Interview Invites date?

    Regrets 82.17% oGPA -> 17.76 Looks like I really need to get my grades up, this year
  2. HongHongHong

    Interview Invites date?

    I just checked, and you're right. My last year's rejection was in a custom styled table with a date:
  3. HongHongHong

    Interview Invites date?

    That screenshot was SUPER narrow in scope, it looks like it could be one from last a year prior. I would've preferred a picture where he's holding a sign of his username (covering MCAT scores or whatever) to make it a bit less falsifiable.
  4. HongHongHong

    Interview Invites date?

    I happens to me too. Not unique. 0/10
  5. HongHongHong

    Interview Invites date?

    I dunno, my reddit account ID is easily identifiable by all my friends and anyone who does a bit of digging in my post history. I feel like I'd create a new account to announce my regrets
  6. HongHongHong

    Interview Invites date?

    Is today the only day of rejects being sent out? And smh, I'm almost hoping that the OP of the rddit regrets post isn't trolling, that way we can say we've already survived the day to this point. T_T
  7. Very anxious. Saw two med students commuting on the bus to UBC today... we'll get there one day, hopefully.
  8. Guess I'll try next year. :/ My GPA is kinda low, so I'm not too surprised, but pretty sad to see how far below average my NAQs are. TIME STAMP: 5:12 PST Interview Invite or Regrets: Regrets Early or Regular Deadline: Regular OGPA: 82% MCAT: 517 ECs: Varied, Computer Science (programming), hospital volunteering, long-running club executive Current Degree: BSc (3rd year) Geography: In province NAQ: 17.86 AQ: 17.62 TFR: 35.48
  9. Do they not email you if you've received an interview invite?
  10. HongHongHong

    Help for agpa

    I believe ssmed is correct. From the demonstration calculations, it appears that if your lowest year is only 24 credits, then you must have at least 114 credits to have those removed.
  11. Thanks a ton for your input (and encouragement)! We'll see how it goes! I'm planning to get as high as possible a GPA for the next two years in order to get this done, so hopefully I won't need to rely on getting an aGPA! It looks like I'll be needing an average of 94% this year to bring my average up to 85% (if I were to apply during third year). Which, fortunately, isn't a mathematical impossibility nor is it an impossibility (at least with the courses I have now).
  12. Hi! I recently made the decision to aim for medicine, and am currently completing my 2nd year undergrad in sciences at UBC. I was just looking through the timeline for UBC's med school application - and let out a gasp of slight horror when I realised that for getting into med school the september following the end of fourth year, the application process is more or less completed by the time your fourth year grades are out - so how can these grades be anticipated in the application process? I'd like some confirmation if I'm interpreting this correctly: A med school student who gets accepted after 3rd year in fact went through the application with only their grades from years 1 and 2, and an applicant who gets accepted after 4th year got accepted through the application with only their first three years of GPA? (And as such, their aGPA that they would have at the end of summer is never considered?) This is a major buzzkill for me, as I did poorly in first year (76%) and while I've been lifting my average up right now (with 90%s, more focused, motivated, aware, etc.), when I apply in my fourth year, getting that first year dropped isn't possible? (I'd have to wait for the following year's application cycle... doing a year of who knows what)
  13. HongHongHong

    Applying In 3Rd Year

    Yeah, ahaha. My first year GPA is completely down in the dumps, so I'm hoping they evaluate that "strong upward trend", and care a bit more about averages in the later year courses (that were once their pre-reqs!) Update: I think it's also worth mentioning that if you're currently completing your fourth year, while going through the application process, you're only applying with three years worth of credits (and not four), so even still, your lowest year won't be dropped, because your fourth year class grades aren't in yet.