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  1. Thank you all so much for your answers they are much appreciated. I have one last question. Since I did my CEGEP here in Quebec from 2013-2015, my science prereqs will expire after 2021 right? (meaning it will be 8 years in 2021 since my 2013 science prereqs from CEGEP were completed)....so if I apply in my last year of UG #2 and for xyz reason I'm not accepted pre/post interview, it means that if I apply in the following year I will be considered an NTP?
  2. I know this post is kind of outdated but I had a related question. Lets say I start a second degree (just in case my first degree does not get me into medicine), am I obliged to "finish" the second degree even if I re-apply to med at the beginning of that second degree? **Background: I am a U2 student and will apply next fall 2017, so my fall GPA won't count for the cGPA they calculate... Point being, if I start a second degree in fall 2018, am I allowed to reapply at the same time (Fall 2018)? If I just want to send my first UG transcript does it mean I have to take a year off school?
  3. But 3.55 is not high at all right? It's not competitive...although yes McGill does look a lot at your ECs, they do not seem to disregard your GPA (unless you manage to invent a cure for all cancer or something like that)
  4. Hi I was wondering if anyone in nursing at McGill or any other Montreal universities were thinking of applying to med after their degree...Does anyone have stats of curricular activities requirements, GPA, etc. needed to be eligible for the Med programs in Quebec Universities? Thanks
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