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  1. Also heard IM was super competitive this cycle. Not sure what happened.
  2. Hey everyone, My understanding of the match algorithm is admittedly very poor, but I understand we should rank by preferred program and not game the system. That said, how low on the list can a program be before matching to it becomes improbable? If you rank 30+ programs, are you more likely to go unmatched than to match to your 25th selection? Thanks!
  3. Haha, no I have not. I'm simply trying to figure out how to arrange potential interview dates as there is tons of overlap between the programs I applied to. Sorry for the confusion Would you schedule two interviews in one day?
  4. Hey everyone, Can someone comment on the feasibility of this? Is it it unwise to do it? Or can you get away with doing an interview in the AM and then the PM in two different specialties This let me avoid travelling back to the same province but I don't want to go crazy. Thanks!
  5. Yea, I think there is a lot of guesswork here. Thanks.
  6. My suspicion is that after last years unusually non-competitive cycle, there will be a reactionary rebound.
  7. Hey everyone. I have two letters from radiologists and am torn between choosing a third that would be either from a FP or an internist. I suspect the FP would speak better of me. Is it better to use an internist letter or do people also use FPs? Thanks!
  8. Can we tailor these to a specific specialty by not mentioning or downplaying less relevant electives in our CV? They would be listed in full form in the Carms App and transcript. e.g. Exclude mentioning psychiatry elective if applying to radiology Thanks!
  9. If you have a volunteer experience, that can fit into multiple sections, do you place it in one or all? For instance, placing a club leadership position in "Achievements and Interests" or "Volunteering", or both.
  10. I guess this is more about Vancouver sites more than anything. The Vancouver island program asks you to state specifically why Vancouver island over Vancouver. I don't know if the Vancouver program sees the Vancouver island program applications as my letter would be essentially the same aside for a bit of tailoring to appease each. Would it potentially hurt to apply to the Vancouver island if you are interested in Vancouver? Do people usually apply to both or just one?
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