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  1. I called Cindy from UofT last Friday and she told me they gave out 7 offers from the waitlist. I called her again today and she told me the same thing and it sounded like the list wasn't going to be moving any more... If anyone else has updates please share!
  2. I tried to bring it up as much as possible in the CAP and MMI, but obviously that did not suffice. I must have really bombed the other questions lol...
  3. Oh sorry! I thought this was for PT. The PT application doesn't ask for a resume so I found it a bit difficult to show my research experience with just the CAP..
  4. Thanks for your input. UofT was my top choice unfortunately...It seems pointless for them to even have that many people on the waitlist if there's no chance anyone that low on the list could get an offer. It's like giving us false hope
  5. Hi, would any current students be able to give their honest opinion here - I'm currently on the waitlist for UofT PT at #70, so quite low on the list...What would be my chances of getting an offer? It seems pretty hopeless to me, but I've heard that the list has moved quite a bit in previous years.
  6. How do they know if you have a research background? I applied this year and currently completing a Master's degree as well...no where on the application showed anything about my research experience. I had my Master's supervisor as one of my referees, but uoft only says they look at the CAP score and gpa.
  7. PT201511, do you remember how many questions were on the CAP? And how much time is given for each question?
  8. Hello, I am planning on applying to PT at UfoT, McMaster, and Queens for Fall 2017, and just want to know what my chances of getting in are. My subGPA (last 10 undergrad classes?) is ~3.9, and cumulative GPA is ~3.7. This is not including my graduate level courses for which my avg GPA for the 3 courses completed is around a 3.7. I'm currently completing a research-intensive master's program (ending Aug 2017) and was awarded a CIHR scholarship for my Master's thesis (which is highly related to PT). I've got a couple conference presentations/publications under my belt, and have worked a few summers in a PT clinic as well as volunteered plenty of hours in the past. My biggest concern is the fact that I got a really crappy grade in Human Physiology (61%) since it was taken in first year.... I did, however, input my exercise physiology grade (kin physiology course, which I did much better in) on the ORPAS application. I'm not sure how this will be accepted, but I figured I would try my luck with that. Any input is appreciated!!
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