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  2. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/complaints-levelled-at-b-c-naturopaths-offering-complete-elimination-of-autism-1.4675461?cmp=FB_Post_News
  3. I don't think you're able to apply halfway through your MSc. From my understanding, UofT requires that you complete any started MSc prior to beginning medical school.
  4. I think it can help to provide them with a list outlining the CANMEDs competencies and asking if they can highlight traits/skills from that list!
  5. What would you recommend as some of the superior resources?
  6. As people have mentioned in other EM (5 years) vs. FM+ EM threads, it's not entirely practical to split your work between both family medicine and emerg at the same time. Instead, it sounds like most FM+EMs will work in emergency medicine for a given time, while having the option to practice FM down the road (if you become tired of the shift-work, if you're feeling burnt-out etc.) It also sounds like you have the desire to work/live one day in Toronto. As a FM+EM working in emergency, there may be less opportunity for future work in Toronto, especially in downtown academic centres. Would you be okay with working at a community site, or even 1-2 hours outside of Toronto? Would these community locations hinder your ability to conduct the research that you're interested in? And as others have mentioned, FM+ EM has become very competitive. If you were not able to get into this stream, would you be satisfied working entirely as a family physician?
  7. If someone drops from Hamilton, the new Hamilton spot goes to someone on the waitlist. Those who were offered regional campus spots will not be offered a Hamilton position.
  8. Not necessarily true! Personal experiences may vary, but I abbreviated quite a few words, used symbols ('&') in order to stretch my ABS word count, and I received 6 interviews across Canada.
  9. I'm also wondering about the practicality and usefulness of using a tablet/Ipad on the wards!
  10. Isn't the 115 a lot more than was even expected for this year? Given that people keep mentioning how it's supposed to reach 141 by 2021? It sounds as though the 141 is quite the underestimate if no changes are implemented.
  11. So there's 115 current year unmatched applicants this year? Up from 68 last year? https://afmc.ca/news/2018-04-17
  12. If you ever consider applying to medical schools in the United States, they will consider past MCAT scores!
  13. Do you mind elaborating how you take a hit financially by choosing to only do ER shifts at a rural site? Thanks!
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