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  1. Thank you so much for giving a good advice! It was really helpful I'll definitely consider this!
  2. Thanks for you feedback, but as I mentioned earlier, I'm not running away. Read through the thread well before putting a label on me mate. I want to leave because it takes less time there, because the fees is much lower, and because majority of my family lives there. If I want to run away from hard work I can't -- because no matter where I do medicine i hard work is required The only reason I'm conscious about my grades is that if I that university doesn't work out then I'll most probably stay here and next year start the Education degree. If I apply for change of programs I'll have to drop the next winter term and they will only look at me Fall semester. Withdrawing from this term will allow me to re-apply using my high school marks. But if I continue this semester then they will only use the fall semester's marks and if the GPA turns out to be lower - I'll have to spend extra money and time boost my GPA
  3. I'm asking for helpful advice. If you cannot give a meaningful advice then I would suggest that you save your breath. Trust me, I don't give up that easily. Right now I see more pros of going back due to personal reasons (majority of my family is there).
  4. Thank you for you advice! I really appreciate it! Yes, I am completely aware of the difficulty of attaining residency after coming back. But If I have to work hard in med school than why not work hard some more years to get residency! Agin, thank you
  5. My decision is definitely not based on poor grades. It is because of the long time limit that it takes in Calgary. Where as over there it takes only 5 years. Another major advantage is that the fees is much lowering Pakistan compared to here and that my sister also goes there and is in her 2 year. I would prefer living in Pakistan, because most of my family is there. The only reason I want to return is to pay off my loans. Otherwise I prefer to work in Pakistan because as I mentioned, majority of my family is there. I understand that residency is difficult to get after going back, but at the same time it is not impossible. I know some people who are almost close to getting residency and some who have gotten them and they came from Pakistan. But I completely understand the point that you're trying to get through.
  6. I would appreciate if you could provide me reasoning as that would help me more.
  7. What I'm thinking of doing is that I apply to med school this year. I will know by summer if I'm accepted or not because I'll give the SAT exams that are in January. I will only travel to Pakistan if I am accepted. Otherwise, next year I will start education. So, I'm not thinking of going to med school there leaving mid way and then doing education. If I do get accepted there then no matter how difficult it is- I will complete it. Another advantage of going there is that my sister already goes there and the fees is much lower compared to the fees here
  8. Hi Everyone! I'm currently in BioSci at University of Calgary. This is my first year. I am deciding to go to a university outside of Canada for medical. In Pakistan there is a university : Punjab Medical Colledge. For foreigners, the requirements are to complete high school and have done SAT 2 Subject tests for some courses. I want to go abroad, because the long tie limit to complete medschool here is a concern for me. So, I have decided on two options. 1) Apply to to Punjab Medical College since it only takes 5 years to complete medicine there. 2) If things don't work out there, come back to U of C and continue in the degree of Education instead next year. Since this is my first year, I'm still adjusting to the university's workload. I'm scared for my GPA, because I'm doing well in 2 courses, but I have around mid 70s in the other two courses. However, the results for Midterm 2 and finals are not included. If the med school abroad doesn't work out. I will most likely have to apply for a change of programs. I talked to some counsellors and they said that they will only look at the GPA for this fall term - but I'm scared that if it does not turn out well than I'll have to spend extra time to boost my GPA. However, if I withdraw for this term (I will not get my fees back) now, then they will consider my high school marks, which were above 90's. Is it a good idea to withdraw from this term and drop next semester and try for the med school in Pakistan. If things don't work out then I'll continue in Education next year. if med school does work out in Pakistan, then after completing it, I want to come back to Canada, I know that getting residency here is difficult but many people still try hard and get it. I asked some counsellors if withdrawing from a term would be bad for me. They said that normally, if students drop a term, it is normally a solid reason other than failing. SO she said, it will not impact me a lot. I'm really confused, so I would really appreciate your guys' suggestions. I would appreciate if you could reply fast, because deadline for withdrawing is coming close.
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