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  1. Its not about taking shortcuts (atleast in my case) I did poorly in my first 2 years of university because I had no hopes, ambitions or goals. I have now found something I see myself doing as a lifetime career. Even if I have to spend an extra couple hundred thousand and enter the job market 2-3 years early it is worth it to me because I will surely earn that money back.
  2. I have found some info on US schools. Some that are accredited have average acceptance with GPAs LOWER than mine. Thanks for the guidance! What would you spend it on? Its money set aside to support me during my education years.
  3. Money is not an issue. I would not mind going abroad if it meant I could come home. I'll look into that. Any idea which schools would have the lowest GPA averages for admission in each of those respective countries?
  4. 1. As in like if I repeat courses that I did poorly in, or cushioned my GPA I can't find anything on their website thats says they only count the best 2 years, just the minimum coursework required for 2 years. How would that even work? If I do 2 extra years (get 4.0) they'll count the 2 extra years only? that is the year I would be applying anyways.
  5. With an american dental school (such as NYU) , what would be some of the challenges to coming home to Canada to practice?
  6. GOAL: Practice in Canada I would prefer to stay within Canada. I do not mind going abroad (nice to avoid this). Money is not an issue (within reason). GPA is mediocre at best. 3.21 cumulative (without dropping a year). Will have to take a year to complete the science pre-reqs. 1. How do I improve my GPA to become competitive? 2. Which schools will allow me the best chance? Canadian, or abroad. I know Australian schools do not require me to write equivalency exams or anything. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated. I am early in my research process and and overwhelmed with information.
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