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  1. Hiii, I can't find any stats on U of A website regarding previous year admission statistics for pharm so I was looking for some insight into my chances. I have my BSc. Last two years GPA- 3.8 Highest year GPA- 3.81 Prereq GPA- 3.4 (yeet) but still have two courses to take next semester which will count towards this GPA. Experience: Shadowed a hospital pharmacist for a month and a half (once a week) in 2016 as well as a retail pharmacist. Lots of health care volunteering and shadowing. Thanks so much in advance!
  2. I am trying to reapply to UBC med and it is not allowing me to enter anything into the current application. I would think that this is because I need to pay the fee however under that section it says "paid" and has the payment dated from last year (2018). Anyone else having this issue? Thanks
  3. Hey! I know someone who did this as well and is in their second year of med at UCalgary right now. He also only wrote CARS and then just put C for every answer on every other section (not sure what his scores were on these other sections, but I would imagine not good haha). He got in his first time applying so it shouldn't be a big deal. Having said that, he was in a different circumstance as he was already a professor and had years of research, etc. and just wrote the MCAT so he could be accepted into the program. But overall, I do not think it will affect you because the CARS section is the only section that is really weighted and other than that it should only affect your Global Academic score which accounts for 10% and takes into account your other MCAT sections but also takes into account other things, so it shouldn't put you too far behind. If you do not get in this cycle you could always e-mail admissions and ask them whether or not they think you should rewrite the MCAT or judge yourself given your file review scores. I think you are fine, you have a good GPA otherwise and good ECs so don't sweat it in the mean time.
  4. This is hilarious, I saw this post before and was hoping I would see a follow up like this
  5. Hiii, I need some advice about writing the MCAT and what worked for people and what did not. First off, does anyone know where to find a test bank of questions for each subject (biology, biochem, etc) or even for each section?? Second, how did you study using books? I bought the princeton book set and I have heard some people recommend skimming through, then read through again taking notes, then attempt questions, etc. But I am not sure how to go about it with the books. Please give me any advice you have and any resources you found helpful!! I appreciate your help in advance.
  6. Hi, For UBC grade entry, are what do we put for the grades of classes we are taking this year?
  7. Hi, Does anyone know how retaken courses are calculated for UCAN? For example at my Uni if you retake a course, your old grade will be replaced with the retaken course grade in the overall GPA calculation. Does this apply to U of C as well? Thanks in advance.
  8. If anyone could help me out here that'd be awesome. I'm wondering if I should apply to pharm this year or wait another year. My GPA is 3.55, I am going into my fourth year, but will have one more semester left afterward. My last two years GPA is ~3.7. I have shadowed two pharmacists, volunteered in two hospitals, am a varsity track and field athlete, have a variety of other volunteering experience, etc. I also would be considered an IP applicant in both BC and Alberta and as such would like to apply to both UBC and U of A. I am wondering if I should apply this year or wait another year to increase my GPA. Thanks in advance for the help :))
  9. Thanks guys, that put a lot into perspective Doesn't seem worthwhile if I can get into Canada.
  10. Okay I am wondering if it is ever worth going to the Caribbean? I believe I am able to get into school in Canada, and if not then the States as a DO for sure, but I am curious, is it ever worth it to go to the Caribbean? Like for example, if I wanted to become a family doctor would it be suitable as opposed to going there and then hoping to obtain a specialty. I am asking this because I love the Caribbean and although I want to live in Canada when I am older, I believe that I would love living in the Caribbean part-time for school. Please give me advice on this, especially if you go to a Caribbean school such as SGU.
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