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  1. I read a book called Medical School Interviews by Oliver P. I got it on Amazon. I have found it very helpful for understanding MMIs as well as gaining insight into the different types of questions. The only drawbacks though is that it is a UK book so 1. shipping took about three weeks (which if you are prepping for an interview in the near future this can be a long wait) and 2. There is a whole section pertaining to the UK healthcare system which can be skipped haha. It was only around 40$ though which was nice, especially given that Doing Right costs around 100$ I'm pretty sure.
  2. I got it! It doesn't, it says in the email that this doesn't ensure you are getting an interview if you get the email- so don't sweat it.
  3. I applied last year (didn't interview) and do not have an interview tab as of right now.
  4. I read on their blog today that they will be sending out invites next week, ie the week of Jan 27th! So the wait may not be as long as we thought it would be!
  5. For those of you who were waitlisted, or did not receive and interview post-interview, would you mind telling me what your site preference was and whether you claimed rural suitability or not? Also does anyone know how we can tell if we are being considered for a rural seat, or do we have no clue. Thanks so much in advance
  6. Okay, last year I had an overall TFR of 35 (so low!) and a lowish GPA too, but this year, I really revised my application and got an interview. I only added one even to my application but just completely revised how I wrote the others. I will do a much longer post on this once applications open in the summer but here is a quick recap. 1. Use strong descriptive words and action words for your tasks. I literally googled 'strong action words' etc when writing my entries and I found this very helpful. 2. Emphasize HOW you did an activity. So they say in the help guide that they just want you to talk about your duties and what you did, but I think it is important to emphasize HOW you did it, meaning did you do it diligently' or 'enthusiastically'. It makes a big difference to say "I was a server at a restaurant where I greeted customers and I took orders" than saying "Enthusiastically acted as a first method of contact for customers, and effectively precisely rang in orders ensuring optimal service." 3. Descriptive pieces Provide the reader with some description into your activity, whether that be quantitive facts "I worked with over 20 different individuals" or the name of a place you volunteered, etc.
  7. I just asked for permission to join! Is it only at UBC though or will there be any Skype interviews or anything? I don’t live in Van):
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