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  1. definitely makes sense, thanks for taking the time to write out such a detailed explanation.
  2. Can someone help me out here? I did my undergrad at dal, and graduated in 2018 (but have since left the province). If I move back to halifax for a year will I become IP again?
  3. Interesting that they wouldn't at least try the phone number if they make you give them.
  4. Calgary is pretty open about how they calculate pre interview scores. Maybe look at their stats from last year, and try to calculate roughly how good your extracurriculars need to be to be scored to get an interview?
  5. might be worth sending the office an email? Definitely a longshot, but you've already put the work in.
  6. Just wanted to check. If I want to re word my description I just need to create a new entry?
  7. Maybe I took this too literally, but I thought calgary wanted a quantifiable description in the summary and an emphasis on what they learned in the impact statement? EDIT: what happened to that guide someone put up here a week ago?
  8. honestly I found I didn't have enough space to discuss canmeds personally.
  9. Thanks. How do you think talking about losing loved ones in my life would be taken? I'm concerned because if I'm honest I don't think it had a huge effect on me, and realistically everyone loses meaningful people in their life. The truth is I can't think of too many meaningful experiences/things I've achieved at 22.
  10. For example, since work experience is scored I am putting in my 3 meaningful work experiences but also one "filler" one from high school. Since the personal highlights section isn't scored, would it maybe only be better to put in the major/meaningful experiences, or should I add 2-3 "filler" activities also?
  11. If not then do they include them if you will complete your degree prior to applying?
  12. This may sound harsh, but truly I don't mean it as a criticism. Why are you putting so much emphasis on your partime job as a reservist and not on whatever full-time career you've had for the past 6 (?) years? Offhand I would have thought that would have had more of a positive effect than your time as a reservist, was there something really exceptional that you got out of the military?
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