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  1. Does anyone know what Calgary does if a verifier doesn't respond? Do they reach out to the applicant? One of my verifiers is currently working 20+ hours a day designing respirators and (understandably) won't bother checking there emails.
  2. Would they tell us even if they did know? Its not like we currently know what UofA is weighting everything.
  3. Out of curiosity how did you make them laugh? I always assumed med interviews would be more somber/professional?
  4. I sure hope its video. I would be concerned about people cheating otherwise. Kinda need to have someone watching you to make sure you're not googling away, looking at some notes, or even simply have someone else interview for you.
  5. really would love a confirmation though. Don't want to show up in a hoodie expecting a phone interview...
  6. UofC says they will provide water and snacks so do we literally just show up with our ID? Thanks!
  7. Is it not what you used to login to the secondary med app back in September?
  8. I belive Remo said on the blog that the interview package would come out Feb 3rd, so I imagine any day now. EDIT: double checked and I'm mistaken.
  9. I believe if you count as "full time" then it counts but I'm not sure.
  10. While volunteering at a food pantry in your hometown, you meet a refugee from a war -torn country who is your age. Over the months, you spend increasingly more time together, and you learn about the unimaginable difficulties he faced under the country’s former repressive regime. You become very close friends. One day, he confides in you that he is in the country illegally, and that he uses a fake document to work and help support his family. The authorities are now investigating him, and he needs you to help vouch for his fake identity. How will you react to your friend’s request knowing that if you don’t vouch for him, he is likely to get deported and face prosecution in his home country?
  11. Thanks for the tips, would you ever recommend answering a casper prompt with bullet points if you're a slow typer?
  12. definitely makes sense, thanks for taking the time to write out such a detailed explanation.
  13. Can someone help me out here? I did my undergrad at dal, and graduated in 2018 (but have since left the province). If I move back to halifax for a year will I become IP again?
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