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  1. Just my $0.02 but for now I would focus on nailing your senior year. A 4.0 puts you around a 3.5 which is low but would keep you in the fight for UofA and UofC. A masters won't do anything to improve your GPA at UofA or UofC, so I would try to decide if you feel a small increase in your GPA from one more year of undergrad would outweigh a year dedicated to improving your ECs.
  2. I would also keep in mind that this year was a bit of a weird write off. Maybe you're actually really good at MMI and will be competitive assuming UofA goes back to that format post covid.
  3. Just don't use the other sections? sure you won't have an idea of how you did in cars if you end up re writing but the other sections (assuming you don't get into medschool this time around) will be fine to use in your prep.
  4. Sucks for some, but at first glance this makes sense to me. Some programs require 1-3 courses total for a MSc, to weight that equivalent to a student who took 10-12 classes during a year in there undergrad always struck me as odd. Hopefully getting 3 A+'s in graduate course work would still be looked at favourably in the "overall academic merit" section.
  5. Personally I think its worth spending a weekend figuring out a strategy to use and taking at least part of the free practice CASPER test to get a feel for what to expect. There are lots of guides on this forum which are solid, and that personally I found helpful. The main thing is if you type at less than ~50 wpm now would be a good time to start practicing increasing your typing speed.
  6. Also this year UofA just significantly increased the number of seats aliquoted towards Indigenous applicants (I believe they're is now no cap at UofA). Dalhousie also reserves seats for people from NL I believe (i.e. its harder to get in than if you were from NS but easier than if you were from any mainland province).
  7. For what its worth OP this is what I did and got into UofA (also rejected from UofC).
  8. Not 100% sure, but presumably your verifier (I believe UofA only contacts verifier 2 if they don't hear back from verifier 1) would be comfortable verifying stuff they didn't directly oversee in this case. Wouldn't it be easy for your current PI to verify that you presented somewhere/received a studentship/published a paper in another lab?
  9. I got in this year doing that. Basically for my work experience I spoke briefly about my project and then talked about what I learnt from it, and in the life experience section I had one entry where I spoke about all the research achievements I had (pubs, major presentations, major awards).
  10. Before you do anything you should probably calculate your GPA for each school in canada with there weighting criteria's (especially the schools in your province of residence). IF you had a very very bad year and then some better years you might be ok.
  11. Anyone else still waiting to get added to the Facebook group?
  12. Anyone ever check what time in the day the offers usually come out?
  13. Plus UofA is a much shorter app than Calgary
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