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  1. interesting, mine is still "submitted on"
  2. ballsortahard


    Anyone in edmonton?
  3. ballsortahard

    TA application

    I know this isnt hugely helpful, but for mine I just described the relevant courses I took that would help me understand the course material. Basically "I took ____ which focused on _______ and got and A+". I also followed up with a direct email to the prof but that might have been overkill.
  4. ballsortahard

    TPR Vs Kaplan level of detail

    Just my $0.02, Kaplan doesn't have enough P/S or Biochem. If you get Kaplan download the KA notes from /r/mcat. EDIT: no one listen to me, I have kaplan mixed up with examkrackers. Sorry!
  5. Sorry if this is a brutal question, unfortunately I don't know many people who have applied to medical school. Are there any resources out there regarding how to write a good application for the UofA, all I've really seen is that its good to highlight the CanMEDs roles.
  6. ballsortahard

    Is there a way to get out of the MCAT this Friday?

    As far as I know your only option is to VOID the MCAT on test day (or not show up which would have the same result). For the record I think this has been discussed on the MCAT subreddit
  7. ballsortahard

    CASPer Test!

    Is Casper something people study for?
  8. ballsortahard

    Most important physics topics - planning to skim review

    https://www.kaptest.com/static/pdf/ktp-mcat-quicksheets.pdf Thanks for that just found them, VERY helpful. Is it fair to say that they cover everything that needs to be understood and the rest is background information or are they more of a highlight reel of the important stuff?
  9. Thanks definitely very helpful, really appreciate it. I've been studying (wrong) for about a month and I'm writing august 10th so we will see!
  10. I would love some details, specifically regarding how you retained all the information. Currently I'm just working through exam Krackers , while taking notes and then reviewing notes, but I'm having a hard time remembering all the terms. Any suggestions? Maybe Q-cards or something?
  11. ballsortahard

    2019 Application

    I would be down, majored in eng so I don't really know any premeds..
  12. ballsortahard

    Lacklustre/lacking extracurriculars

    Out of curiosity what kind of GPA or MCAT would you consider capable of breaking an application? or does it vary province by province significantly?
  13. Thanks for the information! Is there anything else you can recommend to supplement Prep101 or are the books they give you pretty good?
  14. Thanks a lot thats great to hear they don't assume you know too much, so it would probably be feasible to review everything that goes over my head at night after the class?
  15. I posted this in the MCAT forum, but then realized it might be a better fit hear. My hope is to write the MCAT at the end of the summer, I've just graduated with my bachelors in mechanical engineering so I have only really been exposed to general chemistry and physics. I've started studying for the MCAT independently, but am feeling a little overwhelmed and think I would benefit from the "structure" of a prep course. My concern is that these courses would assume that I will know everything content wise, and really rush through the material. This isn't a huge issue because I will be studying full time, so hopefully I could review every day after the class (which seem to usually be about 3 hours long), but it would be great to know if one of the classes emphasizes content review more than the others. Prep101 and Princeton Review both seem like solid choices. Prep101 because it seems to be hyped up a lot on this forum, it also offers each class twice which could be helpful. I've also heard that Princeton Review is more detailed than other courses which I assume would be better if you're learning the material from scratch. I was going to register from Prep101 but I wanted to see if someone could recommend a potentially better MCAT course.