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  1. Hi guys, I'm a first year pharmacy student and I thought i could provide some info. If you're wondering about how the admission components are weighted, that still remains a mystery. In my opinion, as long as the gpa is over 3.5 it is just as important as the LOI. My gpa was not stellar but I put a great amount of effort into perfecting my LOI. As for the interview, I see it as kind of a make or break type of deal. A 3 min interview is short and won't say as much as the LOI does but if you bomb it HARD it may really cost you because they are looking for well-rounded people that can express their thoughts clearly. All in all I don't think it matters how it is weighted, as long as you put 110% into every component of the admission and try to prepare as best you can, that should be enough. Best of luck everyone!!
  2. First year courses are registered by the Faculty so there should be nothing to worry about. Since I last checked, I am only enrolled in one class so far. I believe some time after your admission is confirmed, you should be able to see your full course schedule through your Google Calendar even though you haven't been enrolled into those classes yet.
  3. Hi pharmieclass2021, From what I understand, what they mean is that the Police Information Check (PIC) that is required for the program must be dated within 45 days before classes start. This means that a PIC that has been obtained prior to those 45 days will not fit the requirement. A Vulnerable Sector Search is required as well and they suggest that these be initiated by August 1st because it may take up to 6 weeks to process. As for the Alberta College of Pharmacists, a PIC is also required for registration, however, this can be done through BackCheck (used to obtain online criminal records) and the PIC cannot be older than 6 months. I was a bit confused as well but you should receive an email that explains everything in greater detail. Hopefully this helped a bit but if you still have questions you can always email Rae. Congratulations on your acceptance!
  4. Hi everyone, I received my acceptance email this morning! pGPA: 3.8 cGPA: 3.7 Best year GPA: 3.9 I finished my interview on May 24th. Best of luck to those who are still waiting! EDIT: Seeing everyone post such thorough descriptions of their applications has inspired me to provide more context of my experience for future applicants as well. I am a Calgary resident coming from MRU after two years of study. I am a first-time applicant with a considerable amount of volunteer experience volunteering in hospitals, homeless shelters, etc. My LOI was very well written and probably the strongest component of my application. As for the interview, I was very nervous and tried my best to answer each question fully, clearly, and genuinely. My best advice for future applicants is to not be afraid of actually being yourself and to do what personally works for you. For instance, to prepare for my interview, I printed out a picture of Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and taped it to the back of my webcam so I could simulate talking to a real person (as ridiculous as it sounds, this actually really helped me maintain eye contact). And even during my interview, I would share things about me that were more quirky than professional. I wanted to mention this because I would receive a lot of suggestions from other people on how I should go about the interview and I was either advised to act extremely professional or to come up with an emotional story that would pull on heart strings. I am glad that I never gave into those pressures and decided to be more transparent than that. I tackled the interview in my own way and would like to advise future applicants to do the same.
  5. I received the same confirmation email, they thanked me for submitting my application documents. I suppose that either email address is acceptable because on beartracks it says that my Letter of Intent is completed. Just so long as it is sent through a ualberta email it should go through.
  6. jas.g is right. Also, you have to send in your documents using your ualberta email, or else they won't be able to update your application. I used the wrong email for my submission last week and they let me know that they needed it to be through a ualberta email.
  7. Hi everyone, does anyone know around how many pharmacist consultation forms would be best for applying? I'm thinking one or two but I'm not entirely sure. Thanks in advance!
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