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  1. Much more likely, she was making reference to the fact that the interviewers would be tired out/looking forward to getting back to their regular routine/more interested in moving on to ranking applicants. For the same reason, you're also at a disadvantage if you're the last person interviewed before lunch.
  2. w8kg6

    Ubc family

    Second batch just released.
  3. Anatomical Pathology: Memorial, Ottawa, Toronto, Western, Queens, UBC, McMaster Anesthesiology: McMaster, Saskatchewan, Calgary (phone interview), Queens, Sherbrooke, UBC, Ottawa, Alberta, Western, MUN, Toronto, McGill Cardiac Surgery: Dalhousie Dermatology: Calgary, Alberta Diagnostic Radiology: Saskatchewan, McGill,Ottawa, Queen's, Dalhousie, Calgary, McMaster, UBC, Toronto, Manitoba, MUN, Alberta, Western Emergency Medicine: McMaster, Manitoba, Queen's, UBC Family Medicine: McMaster, Laval, NOSM, University of Toronto, Sherbrooke, UWO (Schulich), Ontario (IMG), Montreal, McGill, Sask, Alberta (Edmonton), Manitoba, Manitoba (IMG), Rural Alberta North (Red Deer/Grande Prairie) Calgary (urban), Calgary (rural), UBC (IMG), UBC (CMG - Including second batch), Ottawa, Dalhousie (CMG), MUN General Surgery: Sask, McGill, Ottawa, Alberta, Manitoba (CMG/IMG) Internal Medicine: Laval, NOSM, UdeM Laboratory Medicine: Medical Biochemistry: Medical Genetics: Neurology: Calgary Neurology - Pediatric: McMaster, Alberta, Calgary Neuropathology: Neurosurgery: McMaster, Sask, Calgary, UBC Obstetrics and Gynecology: Memorial (email), Manitoba, Calgary, McGill, Montreal Ophthalmology: Western, Manitoba, Alberta Orthopedic Surgery: Memorial, Manitoba, McGill, Sask, Alberta, Dal, Calgary, McMaster Otolaryngology: Alberta, Toronto, Ottawa Pediatrics: MAC, UBC, Dalhousie, Sask, Manitoba, Alberta, NOSM, Toronto, Calgary, Queen's, Western, McGill Plastic Surgery: Manitoba, Western PM&R: Dal, Montreal, Ottawa, MacMaster, Queens, Manitoba, Sask, Calgary, Alberta Public Health: UBC, Alberta, Toronto, McMaster, McGill, Manitoba Psychiatry:Ottawa, Western, McMaster (Hamilton, KW), MUN, McGill, Queens, Calgary, Manitoba, UBC (Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Research Track) Dal, UofA, UofT Radiation Oncology: Dal, Calgary, McMaster, Alberta, Manitoba Urology: Manitoba, McMaster, McGill, Dal Vascular Surgery: Toronto, Calgary
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    Ubc family

    Doubt it. My guess is that it's more based on which sites people applied to.
  5. w8kg6

    Ubc family

    So I see. The CaRMS list updated right around when I was making that other post. Any idea if UBC sends out letters to applicants it rejects?
  6. w8kg6

    Ubc family

    Hey, first post in a long time. I applied, and have yet to hear anything. The CaRMS thread has been pretty speedy with posting updates to FM invites, and right now it isn't showing any having been sent out for CMGs. For the invites I have received so far, that thread has been updated within 30 mins of an invite going out. Long story short, I don't think they've gone out yet, but likely tomorrow, since their internal machinery is clearly in motion.
  7. Hey guys! It's been a while since I've posted, but I haven't forgotten about the stress of med applications. Hopefully you're all handling them fine . Believe me there's for more stress to come once you finally get your acceptance letter, haha. So, regarding the mix-up with the application closing early, everything will be sorted out, don't you worry . I was out with the admissions/student affairs ladies yesterday, and we spoke a little bit about what went down. Basically what happened is that a mistake was made when entering the date for the closure of the application, and it automatically closed early. This wasn't a weird test or anything like that, just the result of an unfortunate mistake along that way, but one that can be easily and fully fixed. As to why the admissions office was closed, yesterday evening was the New Brunswick campus's "First Light" ceremony, and as the Halifax ladies (Carolyn Pelham, Tracy Teed, and Sharon Graham) are a significant part of Dal Med, and also because we love them, they were invited down. They weren't expecting the technical issues, they'd hoped to deal with any problems on Monday (after the application was supposed to close), and their job had brought them to NB, so the office was closed. They're sorry for any inconvenience, though!!! So, that's about it for the issues yesterday, but while I'm here I figured I'd might as well share some advice with regards to the upcoming application stage: The Interview. I guess a lot of this advice might seem obvious, but just be sure to keep it in mind on game-day, as sometimes one can forget. Here goes: 1) Sometimes in life (and often in medicine), it's better to listen than to talk. 2) If you take a stance on something, but then you are presented with information that makes you second guess your original views, DON'T BE AFRAID TO CHANGE THEM!!! I seem to remember an idea going around that changing your opinion in a station would be marked poorly, even if new information had been introduced. That's not the case, and truthfully, it's a bit of a silly notion to begin with . 3) Above all else, we're just trying to get to know you in the interviews . You would be very wise to familiarize with the overarching themes and considerations in medicine, but if you're not an expert on the medico-legal aspects of allowing HIV positive refugees into the country, don't worry... odds are your interviewer isn't either. You should know enough about medicine that you're able to have an intelligent conversation about it, but what we're really evaluating you guys on in the interviews isn't how much you can teach your interviewer in 8 minutes, but more so on what kind of a person you are. Just be yourself, be professional, and chill . Ok, so that's it for now. Take it easy on the student affairs/applications ladies, haha, because they DO remember remember the "notables" (the same way one would recollect a particularly "memorable" customer at work). The application process is intimidating and stressful, but also quite simple. You tell us what you've done with your lives so far, you write an essay, we interview you, and then the people who seem the most ready for medicine get acceptance letters. The rest are told what skills they need to hone, and are welcome to reapply in later years. If mistakes are made in the application process, we make sure they're corrected in a way that ensures no one is left out in the cold. There are no tricks beyond that. Anyways, hopefully you're all managing to keep your cool, I hope it all works out for the best, and try your best to enjoy it! You guys are all great.
  8. As far as I know, this counts.
  9. Agreed, this won't affect it one bit.
  10. SPs are mostly used as actors to learn a case, a patient presentation, and symptoms/signs relevant to the condition they're pretending to present with. Also, they're payed. Since none of the acting is needed here, SPs wouldn't be any more beneficial than another volunteer, but they would certainly be more expensive.
  11. w8kg6

    Questions about MMI

    I really wouldn't get too hung up on the fine points like this. If you'd prefer to shake the hand of the interviewer at any station (acting included), it would be appropriate, but by no means required. Just do what feels natural. You'll find it's a fairly casual atmosphere .
  12. Hey guys, what's up? The question about when interview invites will go out was answered in the "Dal Med Interview Dates" thread almost a week ago . Click around if you've got a question! odds are it's been answered somewhere .
  13. Hey guys, I just figured I'd pop in to drop a tidbit of information. A friend of mine who's fairly in the know said that interview invites will be going out BY October 21. It's possible they'll go out beforehand (although probably not long before that), but that's when it sounds interview invite letters will be out by. I know its a tough time of year where it seems like things are moving incredibly slow, but hopefully this piece of info will tide you over . There will be a lot more information on your letter when you get it. Good luck!
  14. w8kg6

    Yukon seat

    There's nothing unethical about it at all, even if you only moved there to get IP status. If you meet MUN's criteria for being a Yukon applicant, and you're going to serve the Yukon community for however long the ROS agreement is for, then there's no problem at all. It's pretty clear-cut, really.
  15. w8kg6

    IP waiting thread

    Wow, you guys certainly are industrious, haha. Getting the statistical information like this definitely seems to have spiced things up around here. That being said, I've got an important message, "straight from the horse's mouth", so to speak. The admissions ladies asked me to post this on the forums to clear up any confusion about z-scores. Here is a message straight from Dr. Sutton to the admin girls, and indirectly to Dalhousie Class of 2015 applicant pool: " The reason for feedback is to assist applicants in preparing a stronger application should they decide to apply again; for these reasons I give them their component scores and the respective group averages for comparison. The z scores are for the ranking purposes and I am disappointed that applicants are using them to try and construct their own rank order wait-list which cannot be done with accuracy as they do not have sufficient data. From here on I instruct the office to not provide the Z scores." Evelyn Sutton, MD, FRCPC, Assistant Dean of Admissions By the looks of things, z-scores on their own are insufficient to build a waitlist. It also seems like giving those scores out didn't have the desired effect, so they won't be given out any longer. I'm sure that very useful feedback will still be given to all IP applicants, and since the z-scores weren't really all that useful in helping you improve you application for next year, not getting your z-score won't be a setback at all. Enjoy your summer!