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  1. No you are not able to rewind, pause, or rewatch the videos
  2. I was wondering if we get an allocated time to review the questions before the 5 minutes timer starts, or do we review the questions and answer them all in 5 minutes? In other words, do we get a full 5 minutes to answer questions? Thank you in advance for your help!!
  3. Oh that's amazing. If I were you, I would have called and asked the schools that you are applying about how you can indicate it on the application. But for now, I think that you should use your best judgement on what to write. Sorry that I can't be of any more help, and good luck!
  4. If it's a one year master's you should be fine, but if you are starting a 2 year MSc you should not drop out. That looks awful on your part and shows zero commitment, and they will not accept you for that. I'm only saying this because I am in my master's as well and am only applying one year in, and can confirm that it will end by next summer.
  5. On the instructions, it says to "Please identify which item from the ABS you are describing by indicating the activity name and number." I thought that once you submit your application, the activities rearrange. How can we indicate the activity number on our essays if they are going to get shuffled around? Any help is appreciated!
  6. Premed_Girl

    What are my chances??

    I believe GPA is examined on a cut-off basis so you should be fine
  7. Premed_Girl


    I have heard that CASPER is viewed on a cut-off basis, but what you are saying does make more sense
  8. Premed_Girl


    I don't understand how they can only look at wGPA and CASPER to grant interviews. If CASPER is considered on a cut-off basis, then only people with a really high wGPA should be getting interviewed. However, you can find people with 3.8x and <3.95 getting interviews. They must be looking at ABS or letters to do so, or CASPER is not considered on a cut-off basis.
  9. Premed_Girl

    Should I apply?

    I believe that the cutoff for the English stream is a 3.85, but you can email and ask them.
  10. For example, in my essays, if I explain about an activity and just state ""(Verifier 1)" , this would not count as two words right? How are you stating your verifier information on the essays?
  11. Premed_Girl

    Cannot book 2019 mcat exam

    Later in October
  12. Premed_Girl

    MCAT score still not shown?

    Great, thanks!!
  13. Premed_Girl

    MCAT Cutoff???

    I read on the forum that somebody has gotten in with a 508 before, so it doesn't hurt to apply!
  14. Premed_Girl

    ABS Order (chronological?)

    OMSAS sorts chronologically? It doesn't for me. The order that I input my activities is the order that it shows it to be. Am I doing something wrong?