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  1. Congratulations to everyone that is accepted! One question, why is everyone only posting their pre-reqGPA? Does McGill not care about cumulative GPA??
  2. Also just got rejected! Good job guys <3 Remember that this does not speak about any of our qualifications or values as a person! See you next year haha
  3. Whose heart is beating at 200 bpm??
  4. Premed_Girl

    MMI Disaster

    I think that that's the point. They want to keep you under so much pressure and give you such unusual and unexpected questions that you have to think on spot and come up with an answer. But I do agree with you. I interviewed in the first weekend and I also had a structure in mind, but the MMI questions were so weird that I found that I only used my "structure" for one question!! So don't worry, it's not just you! I think that they are meant to be like that
  5. Yes, I also agree that we can't conclude anything based on our assumptions or the number of people that we have talked to who have/haven't received rejections. What I meant to say is that it's not that there are 95% of rejections left to be sent out. Lots of people have been rejected already who haven't posted here and so we can't make any assumptions. I also agree with your second statement. I don't understand how it's fair that some people received II in February for the March 30/31 and even April 7th dates, but some of us may receive invites with less than 2 weeks notice. This rolling admission seems to give an unfair advantage to some over the other. But then again, what can we do ahhh.
  6. Guys I'm pretty sure lots of people have already got rejected. Just because they don't post it here doesn't mean that the "mass" rejection hasn't been sent out already. I personally know of multiple people who got rejected at the beginning of this week (and many more who got rejected prior to March). There really is no trend, and we can't assume that mass rejections have yet to be sent out. From what I've heard, most rejections have already been sent out. Anyways, let's not make assumptions or worry ourselves. We've waited for close to 3 months now, another week or two won't kill us
  7. Premed_Girl

    Please help with school list for USMD!!

    I've applied to Canadian schools already but would like to get my States application prepared for next cycle as well, that's why I need help putting together a list Also, just because I have the GPA doesn't mean that I will get into those schools and want to maximize my chances for the next cycle. Do you have any suggestions?
  8. Hello all, I am a Canadian looking into applying to the States by June 1st. Here are my stats: cGPA: 3.85 (5 years of undergrad, last 3 years are 4.0), sGPA: 3.98 , MCAT #1 (3 years ago): 500 , MCAT #2: 510 , Graduate GPA: 4.0 ECs: MSc student, multiple publications, 4+ years of research experience, poster presentations, elite international level athlete for 20+ years, lots of volunteering and shadowing hours, other unique ECs I know that my MCAT is on the lower side (especially my first score!!). I know that I can raise it if I rewrite but I know that the States looks down on multiple retakes so I'm not going to retake it and will apply with this score. I think that other parts of my application are strong (hopefully). Here is the school list that I have so far: University of Connecticut Tulane University of Illinois Virginia Commonwealth West Virginia Albert Einstein George Washington Kentucky Emory Central Michigan Rosalind Franklin Michigan State New York medical college Wayne state Penn state Suny upstate Georgetown Rutgers I'm not sure if I should add BostonU and Case Western to my list or not (due to my MCAT score). Thank you so much in advance for your help!!!!
  9. Same... same.. I felt exactly the same for one station. I found the whole prompt and the follow up ridiculously detailed and hard I can't stop thinking about that one station. I feel like I'm going to end up with a straight R because of it lol!
  10. Hey!! I just had my interview this previous weekend and I can tell you a little bit about my experience and how I dealt with my nerves. First of all, we need to recognize that being nervous is normal!! Everybody is going to be nervous to some degree, because this interview is important to them Here is what I did: first, I tried to work on different techniques that helped me control my nerves during practice sessions the week before (and ultimately did the same during the real interview). I took a few deep breaths before entering the MMI rooms. When I entered, I would smile and when I sat, I would sit upright and smile and make eye contact (these small gestures boosted my confidence and led me to be less nervous ). The day before the interview, when I checked into the hotel, I allowed myself to be a NERVOUS WRECK! I let the emotions come in so that I could experience them and deal with them. I feel like this drained me and so the morning of, I was confident and happy because I just couldn't be nervous anymore (if that makes any sense). I made myself a playlist of motivational and happy music which I listened to when I was getting ready in the morning (maybe a bit of self-talk in the mirror might also help), and took a walk to Starbucks for a quick bite, which helped me clear my head. When you get there, tell yourself that everybody is as nervous as you are. Treat it like a practice session, and try to show your real self to the interviewers. Remind yourself that being too nervous will only make your answers suffer, but accept that you will be a little nervous regardless and that's going to be okay. Welcome it. It's normal. I basically didn't sleep for 2 nights before my interview because I was so nervous, but you know what? I welcomed it. It's okay. I had some extra coffee that day. Try to go in with that mentality. And honestly, the med students there are so amazing and so welcoming that they will make this whole experience really fun and relatively stress-free. And remind yourself that this is not do or die. If not this year, then next year. If it doesn't happen now, then it will happen later. Show them how amazing you are (you got an interview and so I'm sure that you are an exceptional applicant). Let them see the real you, and try to have fun with it. This is the mentality that I went in with. This experience will only make you stronger. I hope that this somehow helped! I only talked from experience so take it as you please, and find what works for you Good luck!!
  11. I don't know how I missed that!! Thank you!
  12. I am currently a masters student working towards completing my thesis. I have looked all over QMed's website, but can't seem to be able to find the requirements for graduate level applicants. Does anybody know the specific date for which we have to complete our master's requirements/defend our thesis? Thank you in advance for your help!
  13. Result: Reject [ EDIT: interview off waitlist Feb 20, interview date March 2nd] Time Stamp: 9:00 AM wGPA/cGPA: 3.96 wGPA Year: Finishing MSc MCAT: 510 (126 CARS) ECs: 1 first author pub (few more in prep), conference presentations, international level athlete, 4+ years of research, 4+ years hospital volunteering, multiple awards, shadowing, unique ECs etc. Geography:IP Can anybody with CARS<126 who got an invite PLEASE post at least once here so that we know what we have to work on for the next cycle? I just want to know if it was my MCAT that killed my chances or something else. Thanks, and good luck to everyone who got an invite!
  14. Premed_Girl

    Interview Invites/Regrets 2019

    Rejection Time Stamp: 22/01/2019 - 11:00 AM Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 3.94 Current year: MSc research-based ECs: 1 first author pub (few more in prep), conference presentations, international level athlete, 4+ years of research, 4+ years hospital volunteering, multiple awards, shadowing, unique ECs etc. Casper: Felt okay but you never know
  15. Premed_Girl

    5th Year WGPA

    I don't think that they care how many years you took to graduate (or your reasoning behind why you are doing a 5th year), but every single one of your years need to be full-course load in order for you to be eligible for wGPA.