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  1. Or your province's medical review. If you have some time to send it around before CaRMS I would try.
  2. Did you actually read the articles around it? I googled his name and went down a bit of a rabbit hole, and from what I can gather it was the CPSO that alerted the CPSA. Thereafter I don't know what happened in Alberta, but Soares then was on leave and resigned. Allegations were taken seriously enough for the Ontario college to notify across the country, BEFORE the tribunal was scheduled years later. Suppose the tribunal should have been conducted much sooner to come to a conclusion one way or the other. Someone posted on here that some articles say Soares was not cooperating with the investigations back then either.
  3. Ok so. Sexual misconduct (such as this psychiatrist) vs sexual abuse. In the context of psychiatry what's the fine line here? And once no case could be made in front of the tribunal, what happened afterwards? I couldn't find anything about this Queen's professor on the CPSO website. He seems to have gotten full tenureship though. Opinions on this?
  4. Innocent question: for sexual misconduct allegations, should the college even have a right to investigate? Should that not fall into the legal jurisdiction?
  5. How quickly do we hear back the results of this exam?
  6. What makes a good PGY1 resident to clerks? How much teaching did you guys do vs learning as a PGY1? Thanks
  7. This author would also agree (free exerpt): http://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/108744/life-on-the-ground-floor-by-dr-james-maskalyk/9780385665971/
  8. True. Having said that I wonder how many people ranked it #1 actually got it. I would guesstimate about 50%?
  9. Word on the street is that Toronto psych was competitive this year. Wait until the statistics to come out to validate the rumour.
  10. Any updates on this? Curious how the program is going to address issues! I remember the Ottawa neurosurgery program losing accreditation. Hearsay its residents moving to Memorial University to finish their training.
  11. Any updates on this? Curious how the program is going to address issues! I remember the Ottawa neurosurgery program losing accreditation. Hearsay its residents moving to Memorial University to finish their training.
  12. Alright lucky souls who matched to a residency spot: What are your plans for the summer? I'm relocating, real estate hunting, and planning a trip to Europe. Curious what everyone else is up to.
  13. The stigma around unmatched applicants is really unfortunate. I hope it goes down as there is a trend towards more and more applicants going unmatched in the first round.
  14. To take it a step further, what avenues are there to assess the assessor? That is, if CBME will have more frequent evaluations of a resident by a staff, will there be just as much opportunity to evaluate the staff? CBME is predicated by the notion that a staff is of high quality. I know strong residency programs will thrive under CBME. But I worry about programs where there is variable quality in their staff.
  15. Some people do it through the LEAD program and it looks amazing on your CV.
  16. Ok so anecdotally I know a resident who had a lot of internal flags within their home school, and didn't get a residency interview at their home school, but did end up in their specialty of choice across the country. While some home-school PDs are unaware, I think word of mouth is still a strong factor in determining someone's reputation.
  17. I'm finishing a 4 year program. I'm a lot more cynical about some things: 1) the med school's administration, and how much they care about you as a person versus accreditation, or versus statistics (eg match rate) 2) whenever a study comes out about a new drug, or a new application of an existing drug, and it's in anything less than Phase II OR the study is sponsored by Big Pharma, I just tune out and go digging for the flaws. I think 2) is a good thing and 1) a sad reality of life. I'm still idealistic about the following: 1) advocating passionately for your patients will help them get that extra care in an overstretched healthcare system 2) the stories and the struggles of my patients who are so much more resilient than I ever thought a human being could be. I see them everyday while I'm on service.
  18. I heard some programs opened up extra interview dates to accomodate for more applicants. I also heard that a program (that traditionally interviews everyone) had to decline interviewing 25% of applicants for the first time.
  19. Glad to hear some good news from Dal and Alberta. (And Queen's and Western)
  20. What about Calgary, Alberta, UBC? Or the East coast schools? So far Ontario schools seem to have taken a hit.
  21. Will be interesting to see the CaRMS match results across the country. Right now it's all hearsay, but I keep hearing it's the lowest R1 match rate across the country. Congratulations who found a home, but also good luck to everyone doing round 2 or taking an enrichment year!
  22. What constitutes as a red flag? I guess there can be a comment on the MSPR....? Or too many "incomplete"s on the transcript? A lukewarm reference letter?
  23. Wouldn't the home school go out of its way to hide professionalism issues from the student's MSPR so that they can play hot potato with them come CaRMS time (and have an internal flag on their file), so that they match to another school for postgrad and not theirs?
  24. Except if the residency program in Ottawa is going on probation
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