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  1. I wouldn't say so. All programs in Ontario are great and they only admit the very top students to their program. At the end of the day, it's who you are as a person that is going to determine your learning experience (your attitude, demeanour and effort in the program). And ultimately being a good physio isn't about anatomy or biomechanics... it's about reassuring people and working collaboratively with other healthcare workers. So if your dream is Mac PT, GO FOR IT ! YOU WILL BE GREAT
  2. I recently graduated from PT school and I have friends from Mac PT class of 2016-2019. Their waitlist used to be around 70 but they increased it because of the huge turnover rate
  3. From what I've heard, you have a great chance of getting in as long as you make it onto their waitlist. Mac PT waitlist moves down quite a bit due to lack of admission requirements (references, pre-reqs, etc.). A lot of students apply to multiple grad programs incl. Mac PT. Good luck
  4. ORPAS probably won't be updated till tomorrow afternoon or next week. UWO usually updates student center at midnight (will send you an email just before midnight as well) Queen's will email you the offer letter just past midnight McMaster will email you the offer letter 10-15 mins past midnight U of T will email you early in the morning - I received mine 7am (Unless you have access to ACORN - you should see it by now if you are admitted) This was my personal experience. Good luck everybody !!! 5 hours to GO
  5. UWO usually updates the status on student center at midnight! They will also send you a notification email. Good luck!!
  6. If you are an incoming PT student at Western, feel free to message me! I’m a recent grad and I can answer any questions/concerns
  7. PT will provide you with more opportunities career-wise. Better pay. There's also more room to learn & grow clinically (MSK, cardio, neuro etc.). Many kin grads work as kins until they eventually get into PT school.
  8. Most of Western's MSK profs are Ortho Gods who examine post-grad manual therapy courses (FCAMPT)
  9. I know Western is huge on MSK, their profs are heavily involved with Ortho division, manual therapy courses. Toronto offers great opportunities in cardio resp / neuro, research. Mac does problem based learning so i would recommend if you like self directed learning and feedbacks. Queen's.... I have no clue lol
  10. is it true that western's increasing their pt class size to 70 this cycle??
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