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  1. So currently prime jumped up to 3.7% this morning and BoC also announced that by this fall (early October), prime will go up another 0.25%. Let's hope any one bank (RBC/Scotia etc) decides to give a better discount to subsidize the cost and we're not at too much of a loss. Otherwise, well who knows how high it can go :/
  2. Hmm I see where you're coming from but I personally (and I could be wrong) don't see any difference between the two. Let's take Scotia for example, they say they take your interest payment out of your LOC to make it easier for you. I'm sure if you have savings you could pay the 26-27 dollars per month for you 10k credit and not have to worry about compound interest. The reverse is also true for RBC. Let's say now you're with RBC and you don't have savings and cannot pay the 26-27 dollars per month. Then you simply take the money out of your LOC and pay off your interest which then leads to compounding as you mentioned. So from what I see, the only difference is whether someone has their own money (savings etc) to pay their monthly interest or if they're going to use the LOC. So the bank you choose shouldn't matter in that case. Can someone correct me if I'm wrong? Thanks!
  3. I just spoke with an advisor and they have informed me that the Gold Amex bonus offer isn't valid within this program (the 15k points) but the passport (25k) points one is valid!
  4. Are there any specialties/rotations not available in Kingston to shadow? Or that you feel might be better elsewhere?
  5. Hey everyone! I'm new to these forums and essentially the title says it all. UofT has been my dream school for a while and I guess I always imagined that it would be downtown, but nonetheless, the Mississauga campus is still part of UofT. I had never given much thought to Queen's until I visited Kingston and really like the close-knit/community aspect of not only the class but also the community. I understand some of the pros and cons to each school such as match rate etc. But I was wondering if current med students from the respective schools can offer insight into some of my concerns. 1. The curriculum. I've heard Queen's is very lecture based and not as much case-based learning in smaller groups. If someone could clarify this that would be great! 2. The research/shadowing opportunities in Kingston. I understand that Toronto has many opportunities and all types of specialties available to shadow and research opportunities to go after, I'm wondering if it's the same in Kingston as well? 3. The Mississauga experience. I've heard from current and previous students that the Mississauga experience could use some work and some students feel as if they're stuck between events and opportunities in Toronto and mandatory sessions (CBL and Clinical skills) in Mississauga. Could current MAM or UofT students share their experience about how the satellite campus experience is? If anyone has anything else to add, that would also be amazing. I'm honestly stuck 50/50 between the two. I don't think I have any personal reasons (i.e. family/relationships) for choosing one school or the other if that helps! Thanks
  6. Mine is just a 4 digit number, what would that mean?
  7. Hey! Is anyone down to practice for interviews in London ON either in person or over Skype? We could do MMI and Panel formats at any of the buildings. Message me if you're interested!
  8. Does anyone know exactly what time the application is due? Is it 12:01am on November 1st or 11:59pm. Thanks!
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