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  1. Agree. Also INCORRECT answers and explanations sometimes which is unacceptable
  2. You know what? If you don't want to by cynical then don't be. I entered medical school with a degree of cynicism and can't say it has left me. I love my work and I get good feedback. But do I bitch about the system? Sure. If you want to be better than that, no one is stopping you.
  3. Can you say a bit more about jobs for GIM broadly in Canada right now? Do you foresee it being very difficult to secure a position at an urban (not necessarily tertiary) center in the next 5 or so years? It looks like that these days already.
  4. It really depends what you are interested in ! I echo what everyone else says- if you want in to McGill med NO ONE CARES if you went to concordia or mcgill as long as you did well, became an interesting person along the way! If I were doing social sciences I would go to McGill personally having taken classes at both. Journalism/arts concordia. Psychology either way works. For chem/bio/engineering both are good, I like concordia. Business concordia. if you want anatomy/physiology definitely McGill. McGill has cool stuff and MacDonald too. Undergrad basically matters very little once you actually get in to med school. Other questions to consider: do you want a dorm community? Do you want a progressive/left community? Do you want to make friends from a huge range of fields (med/law/dent/music) or are you happy with a smaller community? Where do you want to live?
  5. One thing to consider is that Rad Onc has a reputation for one of the worst job markets of any specialty too. That is an important reason why people don't apply in large #s
  6. There are many family medicine spots left. I think McGill Ottawa Queens are such great programs. If you think you would be happy in family and can make a good case for it and have decent scores, I think you have a good chance of finding a match in one of the many unfilled FM spots this year.
  7. Its possible if they are referred by GPs and depending on the nature of the nursing home
  8. I know GIM is now 5 years to be RC specialist. But now the exam if after R3, meaning you will be RC certified. Can you choose to work and not pursue fellowship? My understanding is NO. Moonlighting doesn't count as you're considered still a resident. Any ideas?
  9. There is no clear formula, but common sense should go a long way here: you WILL have backup written all over you face. Internal medicine and Family Med WILL know this. They are not that desperate, but you may get in off their bottom of their lists. The likelihood of not going unmatched and ending up in an IM spot is comparatively low for someone who is a clear backup. It happens though. There are enough candidates who will have more demonstrated interest in IM and who will be better at it than you because they will have done several months of additional training in it. Thus, even 3-5 weeks pre-carms will more likely secure you even a viable backup.
  10. I have been surprised talking to my colleagues this month and realizing how few people really get the match. Please understand this: you will match at the place you want the most that has a place for you. That is all. It doesn't matter how much you think they want you. Rank your 1st choice first. 2nd choice 2nd. And so on. Failing to do so means you are misunderstanding the process.
  11. Do you mean that there are some IM years and some FM years and some (x program) years where interest varies overall?
  12. What numbers? Is this speaking w/program directors/staff or is there some publicly available data that can be really looked at?
  13. Going through the carms tour, it becomes clear how obviously interviewer dependent everything is. Some are very talkative, friendly, positive, some seem bored within moments of greeting you or play poker face. I've heard in the past that self-assessments are not that great an indicator of performance Can someone share some anecdotes here? Share experiences?
  14. So, rumor has it that there have been record numbers of applicants to IM this year with many strong candidates not even getting interviews at schools where they have done substantial elective time. Can anyone comment on this?
  15. Ok. Did you 'back up'? My observation is that smaller programs just don't interview that many people. Peds at my school is very tough
  16. I agree. I like that approach- you can them make your travel plans more easily As it stands I have to drive back and forth several times 3-6 hrs away for interviews b/c I scheduled each on days with no conflicts Toronto was smart to send interviews early McMaster was merciful having FM interviews on 14/15 The rest were difficult. I have hated checking my email so often waiting for invites! I hate asking my friends if they got invites. At least some of the schools sent rejections so people know not to keep checking! I wish FM would have one day where all invites are sent
  17. whats the question im sorry you want the 20th or you have it and want the 15th/14th?
  18. sounds like the rejections felt bad. Totally understandable There is no reason why 6 interviews isn't enough, thats more than most people do overall. If you rank lots of sites you are in the running for LOTS of spots so pat yourself on the back things are looking good!
  19. I don't think it's entirely normal, no. Most people I know got most FM interviews, with the exception of Queens. There may be many factors at play. But your chances are still decent with that number of interviews!
  20. Anatomical Pathology: Memorial, McMaster, Ottawa, Alberta, Calgary, Toronto, Western, Queen's, McGill Anesthesiology: NOSM, Ottawa, Sherbrooke, Western, Dalhousie, Queen's Cardiac Surgery: Montréal, UBC Dermatology: Edmonton, Calgary Diagnostic Radiology: Saskatchewan, Dalhousie, MUN, McGill, Queen's, Calgary, Manitoba, Western Emergency Medicine: Queen's Family Medicine: Laval, Sherbrooke, Montreal, Western, McGill (Montréal, Châteauguay, Gatineau), Toronto, Alberta Rural, Dalhousie, Queen's General Surgery: McGill Internal Medicine: Laval Laboratory Medicine: Medical Biochemistry: Medical Genetics: Calgary, UBC, Manitoba Neurology: Manitoba, Western, McGill, Ottawa, Dalhousie, UBC, Calgary Neurology - Pediatric: McMaster, McGill, Ottawa Neuropathology: Neurosurgery: Western, UBC, McGill Obstetrics and Gynecology: Memorial, Manitoba, Toronto, Calgary Ophthalmology: UBC, Manitoba, Orthopedic Surgery: Manitoba, Calgary, Edmonton Otolaryngology: Edmonton Pediatrics: U of T, Calgary, Saskatchewan, Manitoba Plastic Surgery: McMaster, Manitoba PM&R: Calgary, Alberta, Western, Queens, Ottawa, UBC, Dalhousie, Ottawa, Toronto Psychiatry: McMaster, Memorial, Western, Manitoba, Dalhousie, McGill, Sherbrooke, Queen's, UBC Public Health: Sherbrooke, NOSM Radiation Oncology: Queen's, Toronto, McGill Urology: Vascular Surgery: Toronto, UBC
  21. Let's re-open the discussion about getting a job coming out of internal medicine please share any anecdotes you have, and definitely any specific data. Doesn't look like much about MD unemployment has come out since 2013! Thanks to all
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