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  1. Looks like they sent out round 5 early. Next blog update is Wednesday which sounds like they will be shortening the waitlist. The new application is also open.
  2. Lesigh2

    Rejection thoughts and MCAT retake?

    Honestly, I think you can still do it. That’s over 1 month to study still. I finished content review like 1-2 weeks prior to the exam and scored a 512. You will have over a month still to do practice exams. However, it really depends on you!
  3. Last year it only looked like 4 rounds?
  4. I don’t know if there will be much movement for us or not. I think this may have been the final round based on last year?
  5. Are you guys both OOP?
  6. Don’t see anything on the blog yet. Last year it looks like IP and OOP were sent at the same time.
  7. Wait list offers have not yet been sent. UBCs blog mentions Monday or Tuesday
  8. Never mind figured it out! Thanks
  9. Won’t mention ones already listed. Won’t list all but some good ones that you may find useful for common cardiology conditions you will see. DVT AMPLIFY EINSTEIN RE-COVER CLOT (cancer) HFrEF CORONA/GISSI-HF RALES SOLVD/TRACE DIG US Carvedilol/COMET/MERIT SHIFT PARADIGM AF ENGAGE/RELY/ARISTOTLE/ROCKET-AF RACE/AFFIRM ANDROMEDA/ATHENA/PALLAS Praxbind trial Hope it’s somewhat helpful.
  10. Anyone know if we need to send our final transcript still?
  11. Does anyone know if they cut the waitlist on the first wave of invites?
  12. Yes. So if you look over the last few years, it is typically 30-40 declined offers. I assume that if there are offers, there are spots, and therefore would equal the number of waitlist movement.