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  1. Depends on what for. Lexicomp I use frequently for most dosing. For antibiotic prescribing there are several - I prefer spectrum which was created in BC (free), but also use bugs and drugs and Sanford.
  2. This would absolutely fit under diversity of experiences. It is left completely open. It also has everything to do with empathy when you pass judgment on their experiences and use sarcastic comments to invalidate their experience. News flash: Any difficult experiences that have deeply changed a persons perspective/character will 100% affect your practice as a physician. It’s fine if you wouldn’t include it for personal reasons. To say these experiences haven’t shaped OP (when they explicitly say it has) and would provide no benefit to becoming a physician is flat out wrong. The section is literally diversity of experiences. Whether you think it’s taking advantage of the situation is your opinion. However, the point of the application is to give a vignette of who you are and sharing major life experiences is quite pertinent. The reason you feel you’ve been met with such animosity is because in this particular instance you have not showed a modicum of empathy. You’ve come across crass and unwilling to reflect. On a forum of future physicians we all worry that this is how you may treat your patients when you won’t do the work to truly understand their story. Nowadays everyone has a story of a “bad physician” and in my experience, it is often a story of how a patient wasn’t listened to. I hope this is not the case for you. When you join the medical community, what you do will reflect back on the profession. Maybe some food for thought.
  3. While there may be other experiences that you perceive as more of a hardship, you should never underestimate the value of putting yourself in another person’s shoes. I’m unsure of what stage of life you are at, but for a moment, try to imagine what it’s like to lose a family member and also support someone through tremendous grief. Each day can be a struggle to just do the basic daily activities and it takes a lot of perseverance and empathy to come out on top. As a future clinician, I hope you can do the work to think a few more steps ahead in what other people’s struggles are and leave your judgment aside. As for the OP. My advice would be to do what makes you comfortable. It sounds like, from your brief description that it is had impacted you in a big way. If not for the application, it sounds like it might just be a good exercise to reflect on paper.
  4. So there is no customer acquisition bonus for people who do not have Scotia accounts?
  5. Lesigh2

    OOP Chances

    I applied twice also narrowly missing the interview cutoff window by 2 points. This year it went up as I received an interview and was accepted. So definitely doable. There are two things: (1) very consistently there is grade inflation so AQ does seem to go down year to year unless you increase your GPA and (2) if I were in your shoes I would rewrite all my NAQ entries. If there are any blank boxes really think outside of the box so you can add entries that showcase who you are and where you’ve come from.
  6. Lesigh2

    CBL Portal issues

    Ahh okay. Thanks for the info!
  7. Lesigh2

    CBL Portal issues

    Same code does not work for me either.
  8. Lesigh2

    CBL Portal issues

    Has anyone signed up for CFMS yet?
  9. Lesigh2

    CBL Portal issues

    Mine doesn't work either.
  10. Ah ok. This is both from RBC? Does scotia have something similar? also does anyone have a contact for the medical student specialist for LOCs in Vancouver?
  11. Oh ok so no signing bonus or anything like that?
  12. What kind of perks did you get?
  13. Other than free iPad from RBC and fee waivers for credit cards, are there any other perks from banks?
  14. Hmm okay thanks! This may also be a dumb question but I can't seem to find the orientation checklist on OAS. Am I missing something here?