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  1. Here is the advisor that I contacted: Angeline Maramo | Mutual Funds Representative | Royal Mutual Funds Inc. | T 604-221-5736 | F 604-221-5729 | E angeline.maramo@rbc.com |
  2. Just to add to this: 1) The full $275,000 is available up front. 2) You can choose between the 4 year annual fee waiver for the Platinum Avion Visa or the Apple Watch.
  3. Hey Everyone! I have been doing some shopping around and this is what I have come up with so far: Scotia Bank • 275k LOC all funds up front @ Prime -0.25% • 2 accounts (chequing/savings) no monthly fees, unlimited transactions. • $5000 Over draft protection on your chequing account • 2 pre approved credit cards w/10k limit on travel rewards for Visa Gold/Gold Amex (annual fees on both waived) • No payments required on LOC during your 4 year program Plus Residency with additional 1 year grace free period after graduation. • You keep your LOC until you want to close it, it stays at the same rate PRIME -0.25% at least until you finish your program/residency. Highest the rate will go is back to PRIME RBC • Up to $275,000 line of credit, with prime-0.25% for Med school and residency, plus 1 year grace period • Chance to convert to professional line of credit after residency is done • 1 year annual fee waiver for a Platinum Avion Visa, starting at 5,000 limit • Free no limit account for students (with free unlimited e transfers) Also, aside from this, they have experts who may help you beyond schooling and residency: • Mortgage program for medical/dental associates, where you can get financing for a house right after 4 years of med school even while in residency, we use projected income instead of actual residency income • Commercial Banking, in the case you want to get financing for starting own clinic, with competitive interest rates • Portfolio Management ** RBC is updating their offer in early June. This will likely include them waiving all credit card fees for the first 4 years. They are not sure as of now if they will be offering all funds up front like Scotia Bank. This information should be available shortly. TD • 275k line of credit. The rate is prime - 0.25%. This rate is fixed for the entire period (including repayment after residency). Interest only payments on the LOC until 1 year after residency. • All Funds are not available upfront. These are the respective maximum amounts that can be used from Year 1-4: 80k, 80k, 60k, the remaining amount can be used in the final year. • All fees waived for a personal all-inclusive checking account (unlimited transactions, security deposit box). Fees are waived until graduation. • Platinum Visa Travel Card (either Aeroplan rewards or Visa Travel Rewards). $6000 limit. All fees waived until graduation. • Option to buy life insurance and critical illness insurance. The rate they currently offer is $0.32 for every $1000 used in the line of credit. For example, if $100,000 is used the balance on the LOC, the insurance payments will be $32 per month. • Wireless speaker I also inquired at BMO; however, their package is quite uncompetitive. They only offer unto $250,000 and don't waive credit card fees. Based on the responses that I have received, it seems like Scotia Bank has the most flexible package, so I will likely go with them. I will wait a couple of weeks until RBC releases their new package to decide. If anyone wants the contacts to any of these banks, let me know!
  4. Honestly can't describe this feeling. A huge weight has been lifted and I am so excited to begin the next chapter of my life!!! Accepted (IP): VFMP Time stamp: May 12th, 3:40 pm AGPA: 88% MCAT: 34 (VR 9) ECs: Hospital, local not for profits, sports, helping with grandparents, coaching, mentorship, on campus leadership positions Interview: I honestly felt really good about it. There were 3-4 stations that went really well and I felt like the rest were all solid as well. I felt like the prep with other undergrads was really helpful. I also practiced with some resident physicians and got advice from some people that are currently in UBC med. If you didn't get an invite this year, I know it is a huge let down. This was my third application and first interview. Stick with the process! If you can, improve your grades and take classes that are both beneficial for you and will be GPA boosters. Evaluate your NAQ. See which categories are weak and start new volunteer projects to strengthen those spots. It may feel like cookie cutter experiences, but in the long term, I truly believe that these experiences help develop skills that are crucial for medicine. If anyone has any questions or needs any advice, please don't hesitate to send me a message.
  5. Congrats everyone! Got the invite as well. TIME STAMP: Thurs, 10:42 AM Interview Invite: Invited GPA: 89% MCAT: 34 ECs: Hospital, various clubs at UBC, sports, lots of jobs Year: BSc 2016 Geography: IP
  6. Looks like it will be following this format from the past two years: Monday: Rejections Tuesday: Nothing Wednesday: Early Deadline Invites Thursday: Regular Deadline Invites 3 years ago they had Early Deadline Invites and Regular Deadline Rejections on Wednesday.
  7. The early deadline is usually in June or July. The regular deadline is September 15. I'm not sure if there was an early deadline this year
  8. Was there an early deadline this year to submit the application?
  9. Looks like it will be following this format from the past two years: Monday: Rejections Tuesday: Nothing Wednesday: Early Deadline Invites Thursday: Regular Deadline Invites 3 years ago they had Early Deadline Invites and Regular Deadline Rejections on Wednesday.
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