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  1. OOP here Waitlisted as well! Has anyone been accepted?
  2. Thanks for sharing the info with us. Do you happen to know how many offers of admission they’ll make out of these 32?
  3. Invite OOP GPA: 3.97 ( 4.0 sGPA) ECs: Over 600 hours of shadowing ( 3 different dental clinics), 1 publication (undergrad), many more volunteerings. I’m beyond greatful and I will be attending the interview
  4. Yaaaay, thanks so much for the reply. Is there a link or sth to accept the interview? Because I haven’t received any email from them yet!
  5. Hey, My Minerva application status has been changed to “Further Review Required”, does anybody know what that means? Thank you
  6. ^^ wondering the same thing. I’m going to give them a call on Monday/Tuesday.
  7. Hey I’m interested as well, how are we going to do this?
  8. I just called the school and the lady told me that they will not be using CDA anymore, but she doesn’t know what style they will be implementing this year! Could someone please clarify this for me? I would really appreciate it. Oh and she said they will still do the personality test.
  9. Hi, could you please share with us how you've prepared for the test, or if you have at all? Thank you.
  10. I called UBC a few weeks ago and asked them regarding the test dats and the lady said i can take any of the available dates of the CASPER test for the current academic year since they understand schools like McGill wants you to do the test before their deadline, but UBC is flexible with the dats. And i specifically asked her if it's ok to take the October 15th test and she said YES. Hope that helps.
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