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  1. I totally agree with BlueSpirit. I always thought (until the moment I moved out of my parents' house) that I'm not a material person. But guess what, I am. And I don't think that it's a bad thing.
  2. You should visit Quora. I swear, every time people ask questions there, I want to beat my head against the wall. They can easily google those questions and find good answers, but no, they ask people to do this job for them.
  3. How Do You Eat Healthy When You Can't Cook? A question I ask myself every time I eat mac'n'cheese. But solution for me is an agreement I made with my roommate. I help him with few subjects and he cooks for both of us occasionally. I'm just happy loves to cook.
  4. Actually, reciting study material helps me a lot. Of course, I do better when I recite it to someone, even my dog, because in this case I'm very serious about doing it right. But even when I recite study material aloud alone in my room, it still the best way for me to learn something and no to forget it the next day or a day after exam. I think I even read somewhere that there should be 30% of reading and 70% of reciting.
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