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  1. Hey Guys! I know there is not a posted cut off however, I was wondering if there is any consensus based on this forum on a suspected MCAT cutoff. I am trying to weigh my options and decide if I should consider rewriting. Thanks!
  2. does anyone have an idea when Ottawa is sending their interview invites?
  3. medhopeful'17

    WGPA and the FCEs

    This is what I am confused about. I did not have a serious or unfortunate circumstance as to why my second degree has a higher GPA ( for the most part I was more mature and my gpa was more consistent than in my first degree). I do not know if this is appropriate to address in the academic explanations essay. My first degree did meet the requirements, it just happens to be lower than my second.
  4. medhopeful'17

    WGPA and the FCEs

    Just to clarifiy, if you have completed a second degree ( 6 years of undergrad completed) at full course load.... will 12 courses be dropped?
  5. Does anyone have suggestions of what would and wouldn't be appropriate easons to put down for a semester of lower grades than the rest of the degree. Ie. if this was your scenario... should you always write why this one semester doesn't reflect your true academic ability even if there was no significant or traumatic event that caused the drop in gpa for that semester? Any advice, especially from successful applicants that wrote the academic applications essay would be much appreciated.
  6. Do you know when Western posted this policy on their website? I am wondering about those that completed second degrees before the policy was posted (if they did not know about second degree course level requirements)
  7. Hi there, I am wondering if anyone knows if applicants to the MD/PHD program at UofT have their ABS, essays and MD letters of reference scored and factored into their MD/PHD application. It says on the website that there is a "separate adjudication for each program" and that the MD/PHD committee does not see the MD application reference letters. I am wondering if when applying to MD/PHD only the personal essay, CV, and MD/PHD letters of reference are used as non-academic criteria ? And the MD application letters of reference, ABS and personal essays are only used if not successful at the MD/PHD program and therefore being scored for the MD program? Can anyone confirm this?
  8. Does anyone know when (ie. how many years ago) Western posted their policy on Second degrees and GPA calculation? Thanks in advance!
  9. medhopeful'17

    Queens MCAT

    So I have above 125 in each section but less than 508. Should I bother applying this cycle? Or wait until next cycle?
  10. medhopeful'17

    Queens MCAT

    Hi everyone, I have never applied to queens and am wondering if anyone has any insight into MCAT minimums for Queens? or what would be a competitive score for Queens? Thanks!
  11. Has anyone used a casper prep company? I was thinking of BeMo academic consulting and was wondering if anyone has any feedback on whether they feel it was worth the cost. Thanks!
  12. Hello, I am hoping someone can verify how my GPA would be calculated for uOttawa. I have explained my scenario via email with admissions and got a generic " we can't tell you how gpa will be calculated..." response. I completed a 4 year B.Sc. degree with a full course load (10 semester courses) between sept-april. I completed a second B.Sc. in two years: Year 1: 10 courses between Sept- April Summer after year 1: 2 courses Year 2: 9.5/10 Courses with 0.5 (half a semester course) was pass/fail Thanks!
  13. medhopeful'17

    CASPER Prep

    Hello, I am wondering if those who were accepted ( an assumingly did well on the Casper test) had any tips for how they prepared. I am wondering if certain prep companies are better than others? Or if they really help at all? Thanks!
  14. medhopeful'17

    Next round of invites

  15. medhopeful'17

    Next round of invites

    when did they confirm this?