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  1. Not sure if they do, I will say that Queens’ deadline for acceptance is 1 day earlier than other schools (27th), so maybe they will release a day earlier, possibly before other decisions are required
  2. Just declined my offer, best of luck to those on the waitlist!
  3. Result: Accepted Timestamp: May 14th cGPA: 3.95+ MCAT: 520+ ECs: Well-rounded, PM if curious Geography: IP Interview: MMI felt very odd, interviewers seemed so stone-faced that it threw me off a bit. Panel was incredibly warm. Loved every minute of the interview day, the medical students were amazing. Year: UG Will be accepting
  4. Result: Accepted Geography: OOP GPA: 3.95+ MCAT: 520+ Degree: UG E.C: Filled up completely, included a few hobbies and smaller activities to show breadth Interview: MMI felt really solid, the panel felt very structured. Interviewers were very kind, as were the medical students Will be declining
  5. Status: Accepted to Regina (2nd choice) Timestamp: May 15th Geography: OOP Year: UG MCAT: 520+  GPA: >85% Very challenging MMI, probably the hardest out of my interviews - some very unexpected and quirky questions Will be declining
  6. Result: Accepted Geography: OOP GPA: 3.95+ (calculated by UCAN) MCAT: 520+ (130+ CARS) Degree : UG EC: Very well-rounded, PM if curious Interview: First interview, but I really loved their interview style. Got a very good feeling from the school overall and would've been happy to attend Will be declining
  7. Result: Accepted Stream: English Time-stamp: May 14th wGPA: 3.90+ CASPer: Winged it, practiced only formatting Interview: Thought I bombed this one, my interviewers were incredibly harsh and seemed to want to test me alot Year: UG Geography: IP Will be declining
  8. Result: Accepted Time-stamp: May 14th cGPA: 3.95+ CARS: 130+ CASPer: Winged it, I just practiced my formatting MMI: Prepped quite a bit, many of my interviews were MMI-centric Year: UG Geography: IP Will be declining
  9. Result: Accepted Timestamp: May 14th GPA: 3.95+ MCAT: 520+ ECs: Well-rounded, PM if curious Essays: Very last minute Interview: Easiest interview out of any medical school, feels like they are just screening for baseline human decency. Year: UG Geography: IP Will be declining
  10. OOP waitlist Timestamp: May 9 GPA: 3.95+ MCAT: 520+ Will be declining
  11. As long as you didn't really mess up CASPer you'll get an interview
  12. Also rejected OOP, for reference: GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 521+ Maritime Essay: Pretty strong, have a tangible connection, guess it wasn't enough though EC's: solid, but doesn't matter since all they care about is the Maritime essay
  13. Kaplan B/B was overkill. I think EK is all you need to do well on the MCAT - it is all I used.
  14. I talked about a serious illness of a close family member and how it made me want to become a physician. I really don’t think you should mention anything trivial here
  15. On their website they state they utilize the confidential assessment form, given as part of the referee request - not sure about the letter though
  16. Very lightly used - scored above the 99th percentile with these books, they are all you need to do well Located in GTA PM me if interested
  17. When you re-login to the portal you can click the summary button on your application. It'll open up and show all the items they have/havne't recieved. So far my transcripts and CASPer have all been received but they said to wait until this week for MCAT scores to be updated.
  18. Just re-sent my transcript with a courier to show the course registration for first-term. On Bear Tracks it hasn't been updated yet, is there a hard-deadline of Oct 1st for Bear Tracks to show that first-term registration is listed or is it enough that it has been received by Oct 1st (since someone signed for it a couple days ago)?
  19. 3.94 GPA, 131 CARS, in province. Am I a shoe-in for an interview? I'm a fast-typer and have taken a bunch of ethics courses already
  20. As long as your typing WPM is above like 60, you really shouldn't feel the need to use shorthand notations. I never felt rushed and felt I could get all of my thoughts out in the 5-minute question period
  21. How do you know the cut-off of 124 for Queen's?
  22. The course isn't that hard that you should actively avoid it. Lectures are the only thing you need to pay attention to, don't bother with readings. It's a difficult course not because of the content but because stats is purely application, meaning those strict memorizers will do poorly. I found stats honestly very easy, but I also like critical thinking courses.
  23. I'm top 1% in a game I play alot, was wondering if it's worth mentioning. Just thought it might be unique.
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