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  1. Has anyone's final transcript been received and updated by the admissions office on their Beartracks account?
  2. Admissions usually implements a minimum interview score cut-off for qualified applicants. I remember one year it was 28, but it could be higher this year...
  3. Invites typically go out mid-Feb. If anyone is interested in practicing for MMIs, I'm available to meet in-person at the UofC campus or use Skype.
  4. Definitely interested, meeting at the University of Calgary or over Skype works for me as well.
  5. If anyone would like to get together to do some last minute interview prep in Calgary or online on Skype, send me a message! Good luck to all.
  6. What's the typical movement on the waitlist like?
  7. Got my interview score emailed to me after I requested it.
  8. Good luck! Can you elaborate on your GPA was calculated "according to UofA"?
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